Why are Premier League teams so dominant in Europe?

This morning, while getting daily news and sports, I found an interesting article. This newsletter on the BBC football site has raised a question I asked myself, and so far has come to a small conclusion.

The question is essentially very simple; Why did Premier League clubs become more dominant or how did the reporter say how he managed to deserve it? Europe?

This question has never been so important. This year is the first year when the Premier League has four major # all successfully succeeded in finding their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. English success in the Champions League has not always been easy. In fact, since 1955 and in the first Champions League tournament, the number of English troops who won the coveted trophy, only ten, England clubs were third behind Italy and Spain. In fact, Real Madrid has only won less time with the trophy than all the English teams.

Why do English clubs live today? Of course, many people complain that this is a huge influx of foreign players since the mid-1990s. English football has always been characterized by dirt, aggression and high-paced play. What is missing and what foreign players are coming to the table is a new and exciting mood for the game, both for individual and European tactical insights.

Yes, players are part of the answer, but big Italian and Spanish clubs have money for big players too. Personally, however, I think this is the result of a far greater phenomenon; a phenomenon that challenges not only the quality of the players or the ability to play on the pitch, but also the unique structures of the management, ownership and funding of big English clubs. As Dessailly remarks on the article in question, "You see the enormous potential and interest of foreign owners who want to be in England with football clubs and the fact that they are available in England are motivating these people."

We all know that the Premier League is the most spectacular sporting event in the world. Interestingly, an internet traffic search shows that Manchester United's official website only receives 9% of UK visitors, Singapore and Malaysia dominated the side views! So sadly, as the Premier League was directed, as the brand was more than a competition than a business venture like a true and pure sporting event, it was a refining factor not just as a football competition but as a world sport event.

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