Why All Severe Violent People Need Hill Sprint – Part 1 2


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Highly Resilient

19659002] And so I recommend that you are the strongest one who would like to add the next training to the best

My name is Tim Kauppinen and I have been intensively and conditioned for the past 15 years. One developed ability to be able to overcome their competitors' needs – and plan training to meet these needs.

In Strongman Contests, I looked at the need for a unique combination of strength, speed, strength, endurance and (perhaps most important) mental toughness.

Training should reflect these needs. It should not be said that your time is wasted on things that do not work. You should not talk about the latest bright chrome-plated machine, or the use of long, boring (and useless) cardio or anything else that comes from the mirrored, carpeted social clubs who dare to name themselves as a gymnasium. 19659002] Not what you need is something "old school". It's a simple yet effective exercise. One that can meet all the needs listed above and will be higher in your training.

For all these reasons, I strongly recommend that you add mountain sprints to your workout. Therefore:

First of all, mountain sprints are a great way to develop power. They are a perfect blend of workout and sprint. And, as you know, the combination of strength and speed is the best way to evolve the need for competition.

Running mountain sprints can serve the fast and powerful movement of muscles – to increase both the speed and the contraction strength. This training helps to develop the energy needed for traditional stronger events. Performance of loading, Atlas stones, truck pulling, stone lift, log drilling and weight loss as a rocket to the speed of strength of mountain sprints

Second, mountain sprints build strength muscle groups vital to strongman training. Most important is the hip, glutes, quads and calves. The muscles for pressure, pull and lift are related to events like, for example, Diary or stone press, stone lift, rolling the car, and tire switching.

Even if these muscles are trained in these events, mountain sprints have different tensions and demands on those muscles. Mountains are a great way to "confuse" the muscles and force them to adapt. These sprints ask muscles, not only they are strong but robust at the same time. It is a great way to break the plateau during training.

The third reason for mountain sprint is that it is an excellent way to develop endurance and endurance for long training and (even more demanding) races

. a training method that increases heart and lung capacity to new borders increases the volume and allows you to move more oxygen in your body and body (and muscles pump more blood when you need it most). Heart and lung formation can help in this way to return faster between trials or events

And all without doing this like "cardio". It had long been thought that training a long marathon long distance could only improve your stamina. Do you want to look like a marathon? All workouts shrink your muscles and look like a skeleton. It's a good thing that science now proves that higher intensity workouts like mountain sprints can produce even better results than road construction. "

Think of how much better your host is on foot, highway, crucifix, or Hercules keep if you can stay longer … for a long time

This is only 3 of the benefits of mountain sprinting. , how mountain sprints can help all your workouts fit into a busy schedule, enjoy your competitors, and improve your mental stamina to the point where any goal is possible.You can see you then

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