What do you need to do to find the right soccer club for your child?

In many countries, football is a relatively new sport, and often parents are not familiar with local football scenes or how to choose the right football for their children. Choosing the right environment for your child is of paramount importance to ensure that they can enjoy football and develop not only good and healthy footballers, but even more importantly, develop themselves as good people who are socially aware and able to handle success and failures, embrace team spirit and recognize the responsibility. Playing a game can help improve these features as long as they are in the environment that they are playing through approvals and promotions.

Your Initial Short List

Must be trustworthy for many local clubs. Clubs usually belong to an "Association", and there are often associations that work in a city or area. For example, in Melbourne, where I live, there are 4 million people at least 3 associations, The Football Federation of Victoria, the Churches League, and the Bayside League. A simple Google search on "Football Clubs in Melbourne" should list a list of locally-based football clubs and you must narrow down the 5 or 6 local levels from this list, say within 5 km of where you live. By viewing the club website you will probably be able to assess the ability of the club for further testing.

Club Visit

Before taking your kid to a club, you should contact the club's officials to ask a few questions and make sure your child is safe and nurturing a learning environment. In saying that, most clubs are volunteered by unpaid moms and fathers, just like you, so you may need to adjust your expectations. Most admin jobs are "out of hours" and are paid on a voluntary basis like many coaching. So even if you have a "Wayne Rooney" bud in your hand, do not wait for the red carpet to be laid. Most clubs will welcome new members and will treat them very well, but it is likely that parents will be able to help. Remember, though you pay fees, the vast majority of forestry clubs work on a billboard budget and usually keep the ship on a well-meaning parent. I am very involved in the club where I played, which is the same club that the two boys are playing now. I've been involved in all aspects of the club, coaching, management, fundraising and website building, what I name, do, and everything for nothing – not just the joy of contributing and helping my club have a great environment for kids.

Club Culture and Policies

A good club generally sets rules for teams, coaches, players, leaders, and parents to comply. Things like playing time, team selection, volunteering, parental behavior, coach selection, and team management policies are all part of the policies that a club needs to do. If the club's website does not have this information, contact the club and find the club's officers to find out what guidelines they have set for the club and spend some time on the club's operations.


When you visit the club, it does not take much time to find out if the facilities are good. If you go out in the evening when a lot of training is done, the playground and the facilities are properly illuminated? With well-maintained equipment (balls, mugs, cones), etc. There are training teams. Is there enough room for everyone or are the teams playing the highest pitch? Are there alternative training venues?

So what do you choose?

Some clubs only run youth teams, only a few girls, and there are policies that only encourage elite players. Generally, for junior players, the focus is on entertainment, whether it is a beginner or an advanced team. The chosen club must be able to meet the immediate needs of your child and provide a way for your child to work on a higher level.

After completing the research, the decision must be based on

  • . Is my child able to develop on a high level?
  • Is the environment safe for your child?
  • Is the club's culture something I will enjoy?
  • Does the club seem to be organized and working well?

Must be based on supreme decision

  • .

If your child enjoys himself, then probably.

There is nothing to see the smiley face of happy footballers.

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