What do the numbers of the football team mean?

The winger is a player who works during the football match from the wings. There are two wing classes, which include the left and right wings.

The national football team can not do without enemies, because if the defense is so tight that strikers can penetrate the extreme players, reach goals or cross the cards that can lead to goals.

The only thing about crossbreeds is that the crosses are so accurate that their opponents will not spoil them because they are stronger in the air than the team. This means that crosses can only help a team win a match if the team players are in a good aerial battle and direct the ball to the target.

A team with high players often benefits when passing through the wings. That's why it's good to have a team of high strikers who can use their head well. Additionally, it is good for your opponent to have high defenders who can use their head well.

One of the unique qualities of a good wing is speed. A quick winger can send an enemy team to the cleaners with the startling thrills of the ball.

Christiano Ronaldo of the Portuguese national team and English Manchester United is a player who loves as much as a winger. It's like a cheetah up and down.

The winger can be short or tall, but can not afford to have no speed. So the highest quality of extremes, including speed. The extreme player must cross the ball very well

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