What are the best German beers?

Since there are so many excellent breweries in Germany (over 1300), it is very difficult to tell what the best German beer is. Foreigners are undoubtedly familiar with brands such as Lowenbrau and Becks; these are among the most common German beers. The Germans are preferable to breweries. It is more likely that styles, such as Pils or Doppelbock, not the brand name Bitburger or Krombacher. However, there are those who differentiate between a Bitburger Pils and a Krombacher Pils, or a Schofferhofer Hefeweisen and a Paulaner HefeWeissen. These culinary are the key to determining the best German beers

5 of the best German brewing varieties

A continuous survey of what the best German beer brands is on ToyTown Germany's website since people interviewed are people who live and work in Germany , both native Germans and foreigners from all over the world who regularly roast. Not surprisingly, hundreds of beers have been named, but there are five strange brands that are mentioned more than others. Below we summarize the popularity of local consumers as the best brands of German beer.

Augustiner – This brand has been more than anything else. The Augustiner beer, like many great beers, the monks, in this case the Augustinian Munich, cook and grow. This brewery has been producing quality beer since 1328, so it is not surprising that it will be very good today. The Augustiner Brewery produces a variety of beers, of which Heller Bock, a 7% alcoholic, light and strong beer, is the favorite of the crowd.

Lammsbrau – The Neumarkter Lammsbrau brewery near Nuremberg determines the ingredients used in beers. In fact, every ingredient used in Lammsbräu must be a certified and verified organic producer. But their quality control does not stop there. Aroma hops are used instead of traditional, bitter hops, making the beer a much bushy smell and a bit bitter taste. Their waters come from protected underground sources and produce their own malt and fresh yeast. The passion for quality control has indeed become one of the best German beers.

Franziskaner – Another Bavarian brewery with headquarters in Munich has been operating since 1363 in Franziskaner. There are two types of wheat beer – a light and a dark one. Probably because of this specialization, their beer is so high among locals and foreigners. Franziskaner is popular worldwide and can be found both on the eastern and western coasts of America, Asia, Australia, South America (Ecuador) and across Europe.

Erdinger – It is not that another Bavarian brewery leads the list of best breweries in Germany. Erdinger is based in Erding, and has been producing quality beer since 1886. Among the beers, Erdinger Weissbrau is the most widely used, which is a relatively light wheat beer with 5.6% alcohol content. Paulaner – Paulaner is a partner of FC Bayern Munich and likewise, like a football club, he is also a champion of his team. The Munich based, as you noticed that most of the best beers, Paulaner was initially started in 1634 by the monks. Paulaner is exported to over 70 countries of the world. Original Münchener Hell, a premium lager, is apparently the most popular.

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