Wellington Wave Soccer Club's wonderful commitment

Wellington Wave Soccer Club Egypt (WSC) is an organization dedicated to the development of boys and girls footballers who are looking for the highest level of youth football and are committed to this organization's rough program design goals.

Since 1995 WSC has provided travel football for players living in Wellington Village and Palm Beach County western communities.

Each player is expected to be athletic, academically and socially capable of supporting their teams and respecting the high quality standards of good athletes. All players are expected to achieve their best personal skills and will be supported by WSC's highest quality coaches who have proven qualifications. These coaches will be asked to provide the highest level of training and commitment to achieve their team goals as outlined at the beginning of the season.

They are also committed to preparing football players to participate in football programs in high school and, where appropriate, district, state and regional ODP training. The Wellington Wave Soccer Club provides players with exposure, assistance, and parental education that show the steps they need to motivate players and the ability to attract colleague acceptance and attention.

In connection with their fundraising activities, the club creates a partnership with other local associations, such as government agencies, community businesses and similar groups, with a view to maintaining the Club's financial needs and grants to worthy gamers.

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