Volleyball Rules: Players' Behavior

A volleyball instructor must display the rules by providing players with the rules and requirements they need to know and adhere to. The introduction of the law during the initial week is crucial if you want to operate a well oiled machine. I summarized some of the tips that I think this is the point.

DISCUSSED behavior

1. Include something else like attention and cheer when players are on the bench. Players can not talk about Jersey Shore or their friend. You have to watch the game.

2nd Prevents the ball trying player. This is the line of good sportiness. Do not let the players fall into this because they really do not want other teams to dislike it. You name yourself quickly.

3rd Shouting or swearing in anger. Again sportsman. There was a player shouting "F" in a tight match where many people are watching. The most unfortunate aspect was that it was so quiet because it was such an exciting game. An extremely unpleasant moment has no doubt.

4th Question or criticism of official hearing. Almost nothing bugs more than watching players after each game. Do not let the players do this. Let me know that this is your business.

5th Hurling or kicking the ball in anger. If you've ever trained boys, you'll find out what I'm talking about. They love to kick the ball as far as they can. Besides, is this not like the first rule of volleyball you ever learned? This and the ball under the net (I really like throwing it to the server)

6. Talk to the officials. You must make sure that everyone knows that only the captain can talk to the officials. It is not a refitting that a yellow card is given that way in the critical section of the match.

7th Negative cheering. Do you remember that ?: We do not want a badge, but a garbage. I do not ask you anything.

8th Blaming your teammates. Another thing I feel is that I observe too much. Each team has a player who likes to watch the person who screwed up and says something. This is the coach's job. Do not let it go too far.

ninth A whore after a bad game. If this happens, just remove the player. This will not really serve the team.

Here is a list of the following points:

1. Help your teammates get out of the floor

2. I welcome my teammates and opponents of great games

3. Roll the ball over the net

4. Run to get a bad ball and return it to the server or the referee

5. Pulled out at the end of each point (win or lose)

6. Curious about the edge of the track ("Jenny Fire, Ooh, Ah", "Keep Sara, Keep It," "We're Going Red, We're Going Here")

7. Motivating Player Causes a Problem ("Do not worry, next time you get it")

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