Vince Lombardi is the ninth principle of success

Vince Lombardi's Ninth, the Successful Principle:

"What we are is that we are what we do with what we have." Lombardi Vince

1. Commitment – "The quality of life of individuals is directly proportional to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of activity". Vince Lombardi. Lombardi claims, "The winner must commit discipline, follow the sacrifice and self-denial, and commit to hard work."

How committed are you? If you are an athlete, are you the first in practice and the last one to leave? If you are a member of an organization – make sure your efforts help your entire body? You are willing to jump and help others even if "this is not my job". As a teacher, it takes time to visit other teachers in your area – learning ways to become more valuable in the classroom? WIT willing? Anything to be successful?

2nd Truth: "In football and business, the leader must be honest with you and the people you work with. Loyalty and truth are the most sacred excellences and abilities of the human spirit." Vince Lombardi

Are you honest with your biggest fan and your strongest critic? Do you do daily things that make it possible to do more, more, more? Or do you regret yourself and those who count on you every day? Today's lack of business ethics or ethics people strive to deal with dependable, trustworthy individuals and organizations

. Excellence – "If you demand perfection, you will rarely feel it because fear to overcome the defect is one of the most important reasons why we strive for excellence, rest and excellence." Lombardi stated: "No one is perfect, but boys, if they do not settle less well, you will be amazed at what you can do with your life. How Much Can You Raise this World?"

Perfection rarely happens … this is a perfect game that is thrown by a baseball thrower, but requires help and support from teammates. This is a 300 game bowling, rarely achieved by anyone but the best bowlers. This hole in one in golf … a game rarely accomplished. However, we must seek to attain the objective pursued.

4th Results: "The winner is not all but the effort to win it." Vince Lombardi

The Hall of Fame basketball player, Bill Walton, stated that he won: "The victory is about the whole team being on the same side."

Team sports usually have one team wins and one team loses. The team that plays together can often overcome the lack of talent to be successful. The character-defective team can win games, but it will not be successful in the long run and the success will be short-lived.

Always set goals for our teams, and the winner was not a major goal. We felt like we could reach the majority of goals for all of your opponents, and the winner would take care of yourself. We want results. Every time we wanted to improve. What do you expect for yourself and your body?

"There is no restriction when nobody cares about who gets the credit." John Wooden

5. With passion … "I learned that if you want to be bad enough, no matter how bad you can do it." Gayle Sayers

Are you passionate about what you're doing? Are you the first in the office, in practice, in the classroom mentality or at the beginning of things? Do you believe in what you do, in your teammates and / or your colleagues, in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul – and are willing to take anything away from you and your teammates? Is this fire deep inside you?

6. "The difference between a successful man and others, in the absence of power and not in the absence of knowledge, but rather in the absence of knowledge, will lack. "Vince Lombardi

You said that you are doing the same thing today as yesterday, and expecting other results, the crazy insanity, the habit is a plot that has been repeatedly done, whether it may be good or bad, according to estimates by psychologists 90% of our stuff is normal … Think of it, starting with your morning routine, and you end when you're retiring at night You do hundreds of things the same way every day, you do not often think about them

Robert Millinger, Ringer, Million Dollar According to Habits, "Success in understanding and practicing religion are concrete simple habits that always lead to success

7. Mental Hardness – "If you're lucky enough to find a lot of headshots and lots of hearts, you will never fall off the field." Vince Lombardi

Often hear the coach say to players: "We must be mentally hard." What is spiritual toughness? One of the words that is difficult to explain, I think the definition of mental toughness – proper mental and physical preparation to forget the price – the sacrifices we need to pay for the success that will allow us to get off the carpet once again, and he is able to have the pain and the pain that we experience to get back from the temporary failures that life is sending to our way.

When I was a trainer I missed 92-75, we were five minutes left in the game. I called a time limit and asked my player how much gas was left in the tank. I knew the other team was tired. I needed them to tell them that they could come in – giving them everything for the rest of the game. We started to press. We strive to not lose. The gap started slowly, and as someone opened the floodgate, we came back magically to the game. Because: 8 seconds left in the game, we get three times to overtime. We spent our opponent, but we were mentally ready for the challenge. We will disable the 119-111 game overtime.

8th Discipline: "Some consider the discipline to work, for me this is a sort of order that flies freely." Julie Andrews

Usually when we hear the word discipline, we associate it with punishment. According to the Webster New Collegiate Dictionary, discipline can be defined as training or development by education or practice, especially self-control; to guide a group. George Washington stated, "Discipleship is the soul of the army, it is a small number, it is a great success for the weak and respects everyone."

In most of my coaching career I did not accept rules with my team. Our basic rule was to be there where you should do what you need to do when you have to do it – and do this as best you can. By following the simple rule pack, my player has graduated, largely grown to people I can be proud of today.

ninth Endurance … "There is nothing in the world to endure, talent is, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent, Genius no, the unhappy genius is almost a proverb, education is not, the world is full of trained neglected Persistence and determination is unique. "Calvin Coolidge

Persistence and persistence can be the most common quality of successful people. They refuse to lose, to give up. They know that the longer they stay there, the greater the chance of success. Thomas Edison has not invented the lamp more than 1000 times. When asked how many times he was unsuccessful, Edison replied that he did not succeed, he discovered how to not invent the light bulb. Ross Perot, Texas Billionaire and former presidential candidate for this persistence, says: "Most people will only regain their success when they succeed, leave them in a yard and give up at the last moment of the game with a winning touch." [19659002] There are times when it is not easy. People are making doubts about your skills, your efforts or your values ​​to the organization. They do not believe in your dreams or enjoy the same passion. They may think they are above their head or on the hill. What if Kurt Warner believed all the things people told him before the Arizona cardinals were running to the Super Bowl?

It was fortunate to know the people who are struggling to reach their goal. Kevin Saunders, a bronze medalist at the Para-Olympic Games (Barcelona, ​​Spain), wrote a book about his travels in an appropriate way: "There is always a way … never give up!"

is the power to keep in mind, the power to endure – this is the quality of the winners. Persistence can again and again face defeat without having to withstand difficult difficulties, knowing that victory will be yours. Persistence means you feel pain in overcoming all obstacles and doing everything you need to achieve this goal. "Anon

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