Types of cleaning hunts

Scavenger hunting was popular among young people, adults and children. Due to the recent popularity of "The Amazing Race" and the real TV shows, hunting hunting is as popular as ever. They can take different forms, modify different rules and customize them to different topics, places, and age groups. They are great for community building, teamwork, and lots of fun and excitement.

One of the most common types of Scavenger Hunts.

Classic Scavenger Hunt

This is a traditional hunting dog where participants receive a list of retrieval and return within a set deadline. Examples include common and heavy items such as basketball, 8 straps, spork, a coin or postmark with a specific date. Guarding hunt contains a list of selected objects and some rules. Versions can allow photos of an object to replace the actual object or creative substitution. Rules may prohibit the purchase of items or restrict participants to their delivery in their home or shopping malls. The objects have different points that they need. Themes can focus on elements and entertain hunting. For example, a superhero killing hunt may require them to bring costumes, comics and other collections of superheroes.

Destination Unknown

In this hunting research traces lead the participants to a specific destination where they find a trace to the next location. Consecutive traces eventually lead to a specific place where there is a party. Offenses can be in the form of puzzles or guides that follow and serve the participants for famous landmarks and other sites. Sometimes, helpers can be found at different locations to give the next track. In other places, clues can be hidden on a bench or other unnoticed places where the public is unlikely to remove them.

Find the piece of scavenger hunting

Hide the piece of a puzzle game around the designated play area. It can be a school, a church, or even a local park. Instead of using a puzzle, you can use any machine or object that contains multiple pieces. As an example, a Halloween party can buy plastic skeletons and disassemble them, hiding the bones before the party begins. Let the participants search for them and then sketch the skeleton. Hiding items, cartridges, and cassettes with a pre-recorded message that describes the next track. You can hide chunks, ingredients for eating, or even clothes and accessories. One activity may be dressing like superman, but you need to collect some garments that have been hidden strategically in the game area.

Information about Scavenger Hunt

Instead of retrieving objects or taking pictures, hunters need to find information. It is possible to see the tombstone, the latest element on the menu, the cornerscript or any other factual information that requires participants to visit a particular location. The win is the first team to get the most answers or the simplest answer at the right time.

Mystery Photo Hunt

In this revelatory hunt, a digital camera is detected in advance. You can take photos of textures, objects, landmarks, unmarked places and objects on the site. Make sure you cut them off so that they can not be easily identified. Cut the images closely to a small square that only shows a portion of the object. For example: the last few letters are a street sign, a small mural, a statue of a local park, a sculpture nose, a 8th platform, a complicated carved frame of a wooden door, a fire extinguisher hood, a cabinet handle and others. Participants will then print all the photos and each object must be identified and within the deadline. The online examples can be found at http://www.mysteryphotos.com

People Scavenger Hunts

In various incarnations, these hunters are looking for groups of people instead of people. These may be people whom the participants are familiar with or strangers. Participants must provide autographs, business cards, or photos to people in order to prove them. Target may be in disguise, dressed in certain characters from famous books, or simply from a large shopping mall.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In this tactical hunt for participants with objects or specific situations. The hiding format is a list of situations and objects to be included in the photos. A common version is to include an object that is present in every photo, such as a mascot of a school, a flag, a teddy bear, or even something outrageous like a sofa. Participants can get an instant 35mm camera or digital camera. Limits and deadlines can be restricted to limit the scope and duration of the game. The pictures were differently awarded points according to the images and the team's creativity.

Pre-Arranged Scavenger Hunt

This is similar to classic hunting research, but the elements are the predetermined playing field. Traditional Easter eggs are common versions of hunting. Participants can find general instructions under "Finding packed Christmas packages" or specify a list of specific items. In a variation, participants must leave the element and only note the exact location of the item. Alternatively, the first team to find and appoint the item will receive the points. There may be more than one element of the game area hidden. You can even hide an item for each team. Simply color the objects in a colorful courtyard or fiber. Close all teams that interfere with the other team's elements.

Sound Scavenger Hunt

Instead of retrieving objects, students get a tape or other sound recording device and list the recorded sounds. Sounds can include items made by objects, such as a ticking clock, a ringtone, a radio or radio announcement, a person's message, animal sounds, and more. The team that collects the most sound from the list at the given time has been declared the winner.

Treasure Hunt

There is one last thing to find in a treasure hunt instead of searching for a list of items. Consecutive traces lead to a final destination where the treasure is found. The teams compete with each other to solve the clues and follow the treasure.

Video Scavenger Hunts

In this cleansing hunt, participants list the actions and situations that need to be recorded on a video footage. Teams are making video footage of themselves or other people in certain places and performing challenging and sometimes ridiculous tasks. The video is usually 30 to 45 seconds, in all other cases the time it takes to view the post is too long. This can be linked to the community service, so some items may include the team where the mails are placed, helping someone buy cars, etc.

Combination Scavenger Hunts

sets them to the subject. In this case, the list contains situations for making videos or photographs, as well as for the objects, people, the elements you need to solve, and the facts you need to discover. Various objects attract different people to have fun.

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