Top 10 NFL Teams

The NFL went through three quarters of the season, and it did not turn out that everyone would have thought. Two re-players of Luck and Griffin both played more and hoped for their troops. The lions were, in the end, ultimately the last, and were in no way consistent with the playoffs. Rookie Turned Down Doug Martin Buccaneers had a strength and therefore raised the season. Pro bowler Adrian Peterson, due to the break in ACL and MCL, would not have thought that he would be doing the way he did. Now it's enough for players to get why I'm here. Who is the top ten NFL football teams? What is performance rankings? Well, I'm here to share with you, so do not look any further.

The Top 10 NFL Team

10. Seahawks – Last weekend, a great victory for Chicago and a weekend-improving backhand for the weekend is a force that needs to be counted.

ninth The Colts-Andrew Luck has five winning wins and helped them win last year's 2 victory teams to a winner of 8 wins.

8th Packers-Green Bay was underperformed this year, where everyone thought he would be the best NFL team. Because of their protection and injury difficulties, it will be hard for them to quit NFC.

7th Ravens: Ed Reed and Ray Lewis come back to defend the defense against injuries that can only become better.

6th Bears-Jay Cutler has to stay healthy and help the balloon in Chicago. Without showing that he was not the same team.

5th Broncos-Peyton Manning did a great job for the new offense and for his arm rebuild. Watch me for the playing time.

4th Patriots – Their crime is better than any other team. If they keep it, I do not see that they are in trouble with the teams in the other seasons.

3rd 49ers – In the controversy of the tournament, they are facing problems, but there are troubles, but they can be the most complete teams in the NFL if they play with their potential.

2nd Falcons – They played very well this season and lost only one game with a tough opponent at the Saints, but they played the simplest schedule.

first Texans- Overall, I think NFC is a better division, so NFC's best team is the number one place.

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