Tigers Soccer Team – a commitment to the development of youth football

The Tigers Soccer team is the official representative of the Tigers Soccer Club. The goal was to help young players to get the most out of football and outside the field. The club is committed to guiding its players in a positive perspective. He has also committed himself to play an integral part in the development of his players in the future generation of players.

The main goal of the organization is to develop its team, which greatly enhances the sport's ability to win tournaments.

Costa Nicolaou is the current technical director of the club. Costa has a number of track records for coaching for the best professional teams. Costa also has a USSF National "A" Coaching License and a South Africa full-time coaching license. He was also ODP leader with the California Youth Football Association. Costa spent many years in the sport, winning various awards and prizes. Thanks to his rich experience and expertise, he was able to share with the Tigris football team, which made the team more competitive.

As a commitment, you are committed to creating viable programs that will enhance your team's skills and performance through your experience. Costa is looking forward to teaming up as a strong and united team in the field of sports. With this strong commitment, the team will surely achieve its goals and will not be one of the best teams at all.

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