Three Best Football Teams in London

London football is a tradition. This is the most popular sport for London's participants and spectators. London has several leading English football clubs and 14 professional teams and over 80 amateur lions under the London Football Association.

In England, the football stadium at Wembley Stadium is in London. This is the home country of the national football team and since 1923 the FA Cup finals.

Although there are 14 professional teams, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are the most successful London football teams in domestic and European competitions.


Arsenal Football Club, one of the leading football clubs founded in The Gunners in 1886. Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory was formed by Arsenal Stadium in Highbury in 1913. The team is currently in the Emirates Stadium and includes players from all over the world, including Spain, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

In 1891, the club changed its name to Woolwich Arsenal, the Football League. Thirty years after its foundation, the club won the most important trophies, including championship titles and FA cups. Arsenal scored a record in the UEFA Champions League in 2005-2006 in ten matches without having to score a goal. The red and the white are the colors of the club, and Canon symbolizes the symbol of the Armament factory symbol. Arsenal also appears in the media and sports events, television and millions of online viewers. Chelsea Football Club was founded in 1905. Chelsea Football Club, "The Pensioners" or "Blues", was founded in 1905. Fulham, Stamford Bridge football stadium in West London, and includes players from various countries, including England, Brazil, France, Nigeria, Spain and Portugal.

Chelsea was the champion of national matches and won the League Cups on time. In 1955, the club was the first success of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. After 1970 and 1997, the club suffered a defeat and won a record record. But the club won the Premier League in 2005, 2006 and 2010, the latter being the first League and FA Cup. The white blue shirts and white sock shorts since the '60s have been Chelsea's colors. The spine changes, and at the current peak a solemn lion holds the staff. The Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Founded in 1882, the name "Spurs", "Lilywhites". currently at White Hart Lane Stadium in Tottenham, North London. The team includes players from various countries, including Brazil, England, Spain, Nigeria, Netherlands, France and Switzerland. [1959] He first won the FA Cup in 1901. This was the first team to play in the XX. Hundreds won the League and FA Cup. Tottenham is the first British club to win the prestigious European Trophy in 1962 while defending the FA Cup. The team won the UEFA Cup in 1972 and won a record for the first club to win two different European trophies. In the eighties, the team won the FA Cup twice, the FA Community Shield and the UEFA Cup twice and won the FA Cup in the 90's. In 2008, the club re-won the championship cup for Manchester United. Since 1901 cockerel and ball are the personality of the club.

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