The triumph of victory in football

Football is only a game, right? Bad! For millions of football players and fans, football is a way of life. It combines the will to win, armament, combat, strategy, discipline, talent, luck and charisma, and all players, team and fans can experience it all. The football game in both players and fans can create a lot of emotion.

Depending on the outcome of the football match, the flags mounted on houses and on cars quickly suspend or descend. The game won by the team is licensed by family, friends, office workers and even churches. Game loss = patient's day at work, so you do not have to listen to yakking from opponents' team fans. But who has skin in the game? Most players agree that in each of the two teams in the football match, each player plays the first line of victory and defeat.

Every footballer knew that family, friends, schoolmasters, members, and basically everyone who matters in his life is playing. Before the game starts, all players are concerned about fear, fear and self-awareness. Many pray, support their teammates, or think of their best and worst performances. Every player wants their team to win. Each player strives for heroic influence. Their biggest fears: The personal failure on the film played again and again. "You lost the game!"

Logically, the loss of a game after an hour of playing time can not insist on a player's action that failed in one game. But this is football! Football must be won or lost. If an official does not punish the fine, he does everything he did. Do everything that everyone played. So what happens to a player who does this and he is unable to fulfill it.

Watch the video about the Vikings-Saints 2017 NFC playoff game at the end of the fourth quarter. See Saint to handle a place where a Viking caught the ball. Still, Viking dropped out of the jumping to unpredicately catch the football. See the defeat of the defeat by the man who missed out of his hand, which allowed the victory of the Vikings. Watch a video about the 2017 Army Navy Football Game at the end of the fourth quarter. Watch the Navy Kicker Experiment 48-yard field goal is snow and just barely miss. Look at the navy assailant to suffer from the torture of defeat when he realizes that the Navy's moment has died like a snowflake. For many players, agony will tempt them for the rest of their lives. It's not allowed; it's just a game, right? # Tag1writer

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