The story of the Middlesbrough Football Club

The Middlesbrough Football Club was originally built at the end of the 19th century. The club was at an opposing success rate, but before the Second World War, the team had a pretty good shape to challenge the big trophies. This team, such as British internationals like George Hardwick and Wilf Mannion, but never won a trophy, said that they managed to go on to win the league if not to break the war.

Not just the 70s arrived to see the club again with great success. This team, the fans of David Armstrong and Greame Souness, whom Jack Charlton formally won the Word Cup winner in England, have so far been the best. The promotions that appeared at this time did not bring trophies despite the impressive results.

In the 80s, the club was almost liquidated and if it was not for financial support from a consortium led by the now-held president and successful businessman Steve Gibson, the club disappeared. The club's rebound in 1986 was sold through the sale of young talents, including Gary Pallister and Colin Cooper.

In the years of success, "Boro" as their fans love them, are strong enough to be able to qualify for the 2nd League Champion but are not good enough to stay in the top championship for a long time. Boro was probably the highest profile manager in 1994 by former captain England and Manchester United in the form of Brian Robson. Lawrence's predecessor, due to the division of the team, such good professionals as Nigel Pearson and Steve Vickers, who were brought in, took the team back to the Premiership. The new season is the highest in the league and the brand new 30,000 site in the city for a new kind of faith and optimism The feeling of this belief was supported by the international Nick Barmby of England and the beautiful Brazilian international Juninho, whose club Boro remained the prime minister in the following years, the Champions League winner, Fabrizio Ravinelli and the Emerson football fever in Brazil, took over the city. With this support the team both the League and the FA Cup have performed gorgeous runs. Unfortunately, the heartbreak is coming soon and Boro dropped to the last end of both cups, and as if he could have deducted 3 points because he could not beat a team against Blackburn, he saw the club go back to level 2.

Although the relegation would see the team losing Juninho and Emerson, they were able to capture the high-ranking Paul Merson and hope is still high in the club dominating both the League and the League Cup to see them win the promotion straight back to the top and reach to the final of the Liga Cup. The successful season will see the boro retain its premier status, but after the seasons the results have been getting worse, ultimately leading the decision of the management to bring the experienced former English coach Terry Venables to Robson. The decision brought the fruit and the club was to avoid the relegation. However, the club's support fell and wanted change. The result was the failure of Robson's relationship and the then managing director of Manchester United, Steve McLaren.

McLaren gives solidarity to staff with a strong work ethic and a sense of professionalism. Football is boring to look at, but the team never looked like a relegation material. With this new professionalism and continuous financial support, the club reaffirms its position in the highest league and is behind the past few years. A bunch of final finals soon followed, and this time Boro was the winner, leaving their first major trophy in the form of the Liga Cup. This victory would see Boro's first European qualification. Next season, they will see that Boro qualifies again with the highest Premiership position in Europe. The next season sees Boro going to the final of the EUFA Cup, so McClaren is the most advanced manager of the club.

McClaren, however, has recently left the club in England for his fanciers' heights on the back of his triumphs. The club is now great players, great settings, and top quality youth and reserve teams. With this and recent successes as well as the probability of continuous financial support, a new manager, with decent mandates, I thought was just around the corner. And whatever in the future it leads to the humble Northeast football club, it is not yet written.

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