The special relationship between Ireland and Scotland

There are many connections between Ireland and Scotland, and the two countries have been in close contact. In this article, I examine the historical and cultural relationships in the heart.

From the earliest times, the two countries have developed a single cultural, religious, linguistic and economic zone. Early Scots, who arrived from Scotland in Ireland in the 5th and 6th centuries, founded the foundations of Irish migration, which continue today. Two of the most significant walks of life were:

of the Anglo-British, who liked to set foot in Ireland, more than 200,000 Scotland emigrated to Ireland. The XIX. In the second half of the century, mass migration from Ireland to England and Scotland was the result of poverty and famine. The Irish labor quickly helped Scottish industrialization. In all major cultural achievements, each country deeply affected the other. The Scottish enlightenment began in Ireland in the work of the philosopher Francis Hutcheson who later moved to Glasgow and greatly influenced the work of David Hume and Adam Smith.

Each of the two counties in each large diaspora. Tens of millions of Scotland and Irish descent are found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Both countries are willing to participate in the diaspora. This has just happened in Scotland, the Scottish Tourism Board has called the Scottish expats to come home.

In Scotland today Irish decent people are the only largest ethnic minority group and have a large number of Scottish lives in Ireland. The English "question" summed up both countries: the need to preserve identity in the shadow of a strong neighbor culture. I now look at common elements of culture – traditional clothing, music and sports

. The community of culture, if the two countries were clearly visible in wearing the racket – a clear link between the two nations. Irish Blue is traditionally a smooth or green saffron, and the Irish Tartan is a newer version.

Sports is another area that is in touch with interest, it is interesting that Irish Scots played the role of Hibernian and Dundee United Celtic Football Clubs. In fact, these teams were originally designed to create leisure facilities for Irish immigrants.

Celtic music has a strong historical tradition in Scotland and Ireland, both with bushes, whistles, whistles, and bodhans. The music of the Celts is often used for the music of Ireland and Scotland, but the Irish and Scottish traditional musicians tend to point out the differences as well.

Today, relations between Ireland and Scotland continue to evolve through decentralization in Scotland, the peace process in Northern Ireland and the deeper integration into the European Union, which will remain and remain the most significant economic relationship between Scotland and Ireland.

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