The short story of volleyball

Volleyball is a famous ball game that was played in court and there were six players out of six teams. A ball hits the net and the goal is to score points against the opponent's team grounding the ball. Each team has only three contacts with the ball before it gets to the other side. The height of the net is 6 feet 6 inches. However, it could be reduced if the game was played by children.

A William MORG physical instructor created the Mintonette game in 1895. Older members of the YMCA needed a skill and no strength. James Naismith's girlfriend played a prominent role in the history of basketball, with the idea that her net is slightly overhead without much jumping.

Originally the Mintonette was the original name Morgan gave him for the badge, and this game had an impact on the rules of volleyball. The name, however, was not too catchy. The viewer at the time, Alfred Halstead, noticed that many volleys were in court, and his name was shortlisted for the name Volley Ball. Later his name was tied to volleyball.

The North American YMCA Athletics League published the first formal rules of Volleyball in 1897. After publishing the rules, it quickly succeeded. In the same year, Spalding made a ball with a rubber inside the basketball, later redesigned, weighing 8 to 10 ounces, its perimeter was 26 centimeters. The game quickly spread to the US, and in 1905, 1905, Japan and the Philippines played in Cuba in 1905 and 1905.

The rules of the game were set in 1900 to remove Morgan's stripe. The rules of the game were changed in 1912 to face the reality of the game when the players became younger and more energetic. The size of the court has increased and the number of players per team was only 6.

The National Dormitory Sports Association joined the YMCA in 1916 and was founded in 1920 as a volleyball college game, but not professional. When the United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) was formed, YMCA and NCAA accepted the new umbrella organization.

Volleyball was a popular game, fighting for team formation teams. In 1930, the first beach game was played, and in 1934 they recognized the championship and intercultural games. Finally, the USVBA was recognized by all volleyball associations as having jurisdiction over the rules of the game. Because of the end of the Second World War, volleyball has been recognized as a global sport. Volleyball was played in America for the first time in 1955, and in 1964 in pan-American games and the Olympics.

The new version of volleyball was known in the 1960s as Beach Volleyball. It was similar to regular sport, although each team had two players.

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