The right equipment for dancing

Dance is firmly embedded in the structure of our social culture. We dance on weddings, money portals, fairs, clubs, halls, our private homes. What a dirty dance, social dance, Tango, Salsa, Waltz or just do a happy dance! However, if you are more than a dancer, it is important to keep your throat and toen the toe with the right tools

Dance is a great way to relieve stress, good fit, and bad mood. that the dancer is limited to formal classes, even if you do not dance for five hours a day, hoping to become a coin of a professional ballerina or ballroom, the right equipment optimizes your enjoyment in a comfortable and safe way keeps

the type of dance and the venue.When choosing the clothes, you should take into account your own comfort and safety as well as your partner.Electric cotton, such as Egyptian cotton or cotton lawn, is one of the coolest fabrics.This is a good choice for shirts and for the tops. T-shirts are usually heavyweight, and a few minutes after the dance is very warm They will also keep moisture close to your body, leading to hot, sticky unpleasant clutter.

An alternative to the shirt if you want to be random, a workout that removes moisture from the body. There are also odorless materials that you and your partner will appreciate after a few hours of dancing. Check out the running specialty store or sports website. Silk is not a good choice for dancing because it does not breathe. Rayon and polyester are also a bad choice because they will be stiff and gay.

Usually leather or suede shoes are best for dancing. Allow you to move and move on to the floor without clinging, which can lead to injuries to your ankles or knees. Rubber sole is not recommended for dancing. Rubber seizes the floor, which is great for basketball, but not good for Cha-Cha. Again, limiting the range of motion can damage your knees or ankles. One of the options for rubber footwear is dance shoes.

Women should wear closed boots and shoes that are covered by the mouth. Sweaters or slides are very dangerous for dancing and should be strictly avoided. There are often different heights and styles for men and women. Choose an altitude that is comfortable for you and this does not overcome the risk of ankle. Some women's ball shoes are full-heeled and others are pointed heels; generally the more complete corner provides greater comfort and stability. Balls of both sexes have a heel at the bottom. This style is made for ballroom dancing in Latin form. Check out the regular corner with other ballroom styles like Waltz and Foxtrot

Many dancers are recommended for insoles for added convenience. If you choose insoles, keep yourself away from the type of gel and choose the thinner & # 147; running & # 148; the insole style. Insoles can provide a size ½ of the shoe size, so be sure to take it with you when shopping for dance shoes. Instead of the insole, some dancers decide to wear socks. Women can wear their feet on their stockings. Repeat this with them when buying dancing shoes.

The most important thing – the dance floor – is the last piece of equipment. Not all dance areas are equal and some may be dangerous. The floors may be too slippery or sticky and rough. Shoe slippers from too slippery floors can be extremely dangerous to health and the ego! Here are some tips if you find yourself dancing on a bad floor.

To the too slippery floor:

1) Wipe the shoe with damp toilet paper or paper towel and then wipe it dry. With this, the soles are less slippery.

2) Take minor steps and walk carefully.

3) Rub the bottom of the shoe with the sole on the concrete. It pulls off your shoes.

4) Buy pants for your shoes. They offer a little more adhesion and prevent them from falling off. These can be useful when dancing at many different venues.

If you find yourself on a rough, sticky ground, the trick is that your shoe slips slightly to compensate for the floor. Here are some quick tricks:

1) Put double-sided tape on the bottom of the shoe. Grab one side, but leave the seal facing the floor.

2) Place the sewing tape or clean packing tape on the bottom. The sticky side should turn to the shoe, not on the floor.

3) Stick tags on the bottom of the shoe, sticky side on the base.

4) Try not to twist much,

5) Choose your feet a bit more than usual.

6) If you use dancing dust, be careful because the floor will be very slippery

It obviously dances on a bad floor is not ideal, but if you have no influence on the floor, be careful and use the above tips. Remember the dress for comfort and buy the right shoe for the dance type and, if possible, use the high quality floor and will dance for many years!

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