The Pros and Cons Of Selecting Game Of Football (U-10 Through U-12)

Young U-10 promoters are often encouraged to play the next level. In the United States, this usually means that rec team needs to move to the "club" level selected. Football selection between U-10 and U-12 clubs is usually the name of the "academy" or the developer's football name.

The prestige is involved in the case where a rec player moves to choose football, but the child also has the expense and responsibility of the family

PROS: Selected Football (U-10-U-12)

* Team selection is a great prestige and power feeling.

* More complex training in the sport, experienced, better certified coaches.

* Uniforms are cooler, not just shirts, names and numbers.

* Teams are generally homeless, which is more comfortable for adolescents.

* More consistency in exercises and games because the team members are committed.

* More frequent exercises and longer practices allow faster personal development and time for team strategy training.

* Players (and their opponents) are likely to be more serious and have chosen the main sport for football so they will be given a common emphasis.

* Touring competitions promotes bonding between players and parents.

CONS: Selected Football (U-10 to U-12)

* Trial changes may intimidate and annoy young players.

* Less likely to meet a team with your neighborhood or your school friends.

* Driving times and exercises increase.

* Charging may be more difficult if players come from a large area.

* Costs are much higher than in football.

* Generally a full (two years) commitment is required.

* Time and money can prevent the interaction of another activity or sport.

* The duration of the race may be difficult as a team / parental policy.

* Parental volunteer tasks are more demanding.

* Distance from home is time spent on exercises and games for family time.

* Out-of-town tournaments are expensive, especially when brothers come.

CONCLUSION: All families should be informed and evaluated that the chosen football is the right choice for the players. Even in the same family, children are mature and have different skills and interests and must be taken into account in addition to the general benefits and disadvantages listed above.

And please make sure U-10 or U-11 do not automatically leave players at high school

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