The origin of football

Although it is impossible to accurately ascertain when and when football began, history has shown us a game that resembles our current version that has been playing for over 3,000 years.

BC around 2 or 3 BC, it was documented that the Chinese army kicked a ball in a small net during the Han Dynasty

. A game similar to football was played by ancient Greeks and Romans, but in the game with up to 27 players versus modern players' 11th.

The popularity of the masses as a war game has become one of the most popular sports of the masses. The "football" game played by the British was played in the eastern England in the 8th century when the defeated Prince of Denmark used the head of the ball.

In the Middle Ages, villages and towns each other in the toy bats that can last for a whole day. There were no structured rules that remained, and kick, bite, gouging, and punching turned the game into a virtual battle of survival. These matches were so violent that the British authorities had made a number of attempts to ban football. In England, King Edward III in 1331 passed laws to abolish the game and Queen Elizabeth had a law that provided a prison sentence of seven to one.

Despite these efforts, England has become so popular in England for the next few centuries that the most popular has developed into a sport.

At this point, the lack of rules or norms for the only defect in sport was. In 1815, Eton College, a famous English school, created rules that must be implemented for other schools, colleges and universities.

A standardized version of these rules In 1848, the majority of English colleges and universities are known as the Cambridge rules.

Unfortunately, at this point, two different rules were still applied. Some dormitories liked the rugby rules that allowed the ball to be carried with her hands and flipped into the balls. which were contrary to the Cambridge rules.

In 1863, the Football Association was created by eleven English football clubs and schools to create a single set of rules when playing against each other.

The rules of the rugby school opposed the changes and the two groups broke apart. The Football Association later changed the rules in 1869, where it prohibited the use of hands, except for the gate leading to the game of football, as we know it today.

English is still "football" because the ball was played mainly by the legs, but in the late 18th century the word "football" was used as Charles Wreford Brown as a student at Oxford University. Oxford students knew that slang was used where words "er" were given at the end of words, which were intentionally abbreviated. The rugby game was called a "rugger". Brown abbreviated the word "association" and added "er" and the word "football" was born.

Since the 19th century, the game has evolved to date. This is a world game played by more people than any other sport and is universally recognized as the most popular game of sports history.

The World Cup, which is held every four years at the World Championships, attracts millions of spectators across 32 games and fans of billionaires from all over the world thanks to modern satellite television technology

Football popularity continues to grow as organized youth football programs take place in younger age groups in the coming years will increase its growth.

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