The inventors of modern football – the story of English football

The History of English Football – Early Days

It is difficult to accurately determine how popular in England was the 19th century, but the truth is that in the middle of the 19th century almost every major city had a semi-professional football team . These groups were usually allied to workers from the same factory or institution, or simply students from the local university.

Matches between teams were occasionally played, they could not win, just for the sake of competition. However, these matches were played without rules and referees, and since football is not necessarily a sport that is completely pure from violence, it was just a difficult flaw or controversy over a rule against a bloody fight between the two teams and the fans.

However, 1863 was an extremely important chapter in the history of English football, as a number of football teams from the different countries of the country (namely London) met in the English capital and created a kind of "" law of so-called " it is still in force today, and it is still so).

It was the Football Association's birth certificate or simply the FA that still dominates. Nowadays, it was English football and it was extremely important for football history in England and its development.

English Soccer History – An Important Milestone

England is considered to be the inventor of modern football, expecting them to be the most successful national team in the world. However, despite being a few world-class football players all the time, and despite having always enjoyed the tournaments, the English national team has achieved only a few important milestones in the history of English football.

The English Football Emblem and the most important chapter written in England in the history of football was certainly the 1966 World Series of Success that took place in English and thus had an advantage to capture their long-awaited trophy.

The 1966 team, the legendary Bobby Moore and other key elements, such as Jackie Charlton or Geoff Hurst, have played the role of the best Hungarian national team in the history of full English football, especially since their success has not been identified so far.

English Football History – Modern era

England is still a top team in Europe and around the world and there are players who still have a moderate success in the World Cup but the national team still has a moderate success

In recent years, the form of English clubs has squeezed the poor performance of the national team, as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal continue to play European Champions League every year, the most prestigious club competition in the world.

Despite being pleased with the respect of English clubs in Europe, fans still long for the long-awaited European or World Championship, a new important chapter in English football history

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