The idea of ​​the day of basketball exercises

Basketball coaches have a tremendous potential for the stage that sports provide players' successful habits that can last a lifetime. Basketball is not just a sport, it is one of the best preparations for a post-school life that a young man can experience.

One of the ways I've tried to take advantage of the teachable moments is "the day" before any practice. This may be an inspirational quote, a detail or idea from a book or article, or from a coach's comments on the team.

The idea must meet the following three criteria before we can use it. ] 1) I want the thought to be something that improves our "mental play" to help make the basketball career the most successful season.

2) The idea must be consistent with the core values ​​of our program. I want to reinforce the marks we emphasize and not to contribute to the overload of information

3) It must be something that will be valuable to all areas of life, not just basketball.

The thought of the day is so important to developing a mindset that we feel is to be successful. I think mental toughness is one of the most important skills that can be achieved in a winning program. In order to develop this necessary mental toughness, we teach our attitudes and efforts every day. I would also like to place daily thoughts on player's notebooks, billboards and dressing room walls.

Here are some examples of the earlier thoughts of the day that were used. Hope you give ideas to find inspirational basketball quotes to pass on to your team.

  1. We play and play with the intensity, hardness and coexistence of a state championship team every day
  2. The game perseveres for the favor – Brad Stevens
  3. Players play but hard players win – Tom Izzo
  4. Sharing Our Escape
  5. Never Defeat Your Activity for Access – John Wooden
  6. We Are Mandatory …

I like to present the thought of the day at the beginning of the exercise and ask the players to know how it applies to our team, to their lives. Then, as practice unfolds, if there are times when the thought will be applied to the sun, then the lessonable moments will arise. Finally, we end up at the end of the practice to quickly review the practice and incorporate daily thinking as part of that summary.

I am convinced that basketball coaches that determine and then create successful thinking will be more successful in both the long and the short term. In the short term, players experience both basketball and other areas of life. In the long term, the more important growth is to make productive, contributing, happy adult. Their everyday specificity helps the successful thinking process.

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