The historical background of football

Football is the king of all sports, this sport combines intelligence, courage and elegance, attracting many young people who try to copy the idols they see on television. Furthermore, we feel happy to be able to achieve performance in such a range.

Football is a team competition played by two teams of eleven players, all of them targeting the ball, their feet or any other part of their body except the arms. This sporting game is a phenomenon of our day and we can admit that this is the most valuable sport today. This sport was first mentioned in England in 1175. The French played a similar game called "La soule" and the Italians played the game "Il giuoco del calcio".

when there were two such games. Starting from the eighteenth century, the English started to play rugby, and the players were forced to hit the ball with their feet, which led to today's name.

1863rd October 26, is the day when the first football association and the first rules were created, and thirteen articles were reported that referred to sports rules. In 1904, FIFA was founded, which has brought a number of changes to the rules of this sport. In 1930, FIFA organized the first world championships in Uruguay.

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