The goalkeepers are crazy

Wear different and commonly more colorful soccer uniforms than other teams, and sometimes even a pretty hat. Goalkeepers not only play differently, but often have their own coach who is likely to be a former goalkeeper. They rarely reach the team captain's position simply because they are too far from the center of the game. Usually, the goalkeepers cry a lot and are often very nervous with their teammates, opponents' teams, the referee, and anyone else within a distant distance. That is why over the years, the go-goers have lost the title of being a bit crazy.

There are many theories about why he wants to become a football goalkeeper. Some say that the strikers did not succeed, who were too big and clumsy to have the class or the disappointed central defenders. One sure the goalkeeper's role is difficult. The fans finally forget the big mistake that a striker, midfielder or even a defender makes, but it takes a long time to excuse the goalie for their sins.

On the other hand, the goalkeeper may spend 80 minutes on a virtual viewer in a one-sided football match, but must be ready to take action if the opponent's team does.

So, wonder the guardians are usually a little "strange." The history of football has produced a lot of numbers, only a few are mentioned, and not necessarily for eccentricity.

Jose Luis Felix Chilavert of Paraguay, Chilavert in 1995, 1997, and 1998, the International Football History and Statistics Association (IFFHS) won one of the most outstanding goalkeepers of the 1980s and the D90s International Goalkeeper, as a Paraguay Goalkeeper for a decade. a club player, Chilavert enjoyed his greatest success at Vélez Sársfield and won the Argentine championship four times and the Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Cup in 1994.

A big and impressive personality, Chilavert expressed his ability as a frustrated outfield player insisted on making all the free kick and penalties for clubs that he played. First, he was too big and crazy to argue, and because he was an exceptional dead ball expert. Chilavert is in the field of football (and so far only) the goalkeeper who, in the history of football, gets a hat-tricks while playing Vélez with all three goals with penalties. Remembers or otherwise remembers a memorable free kick on the River Plate midway. Chilavert has 74 international participants in Paraguay and has eight international targets. Chilavert withdrew from international football in 2003, surprisingly enough after harassment against team leaders.

It is said that Neville Southall of Wales was the goalkeeper, simply because when he discovered football, he was too old and overly overweight. Nevertheless, in the height of the 1990s, Southall was the most outstanding goalkeeper in the world. Southall ruled the penalty area as a few, and when found in a personal situation, he was always at the top. Neville, who played the biggest part of Everton's clubbing in the English league, where he made 578 league matches (over 750 events) and won two soccer championships. Unlike Chilavert, Southall was very relaxed, rarely ventured out of the penalty area. In short, for a goalkeeper, Southall has gained some reputation as a little "unkempt" and needs a hairdresser, shave and diet.

Although Southall became the England Footballer of the Year in 1985, it was very rare for the goalkeeper, Wales 92 announced.

Another famous "eccentric" goalkeeper Rene Higuita from Colombia. he is targeting three goals in the 69th international appearance, but Higuita is remembered in particular for the top three points of his career that are characterized by the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good: The remarkable "scorpion kick" he was friendly to England at Wembley. Higuita rescued a shot between her legs while sitting on her hands, a trick she repeated several times.

Bad: Higuita was already known to play a strange style and take risks when a violent blunder is the total glamor of the world's media that hit Colombia from the 1990 World Cup. Higuita took possession of 35 meters in order to allow Cameroon striker Roger Milla to throw him away and win a winning goal.

The ugly: Higuita's wonderful hairstyle, which further proved that goalkeepers are crazy

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