The football coach at the end of the season is the letter to the parents

Parents: In winter this week we're running into indoor football. I wanted to be here for a few minutes to tell you how happy I am to the girls' progress in the autumn season. I think you are very proud of how hard your daughters are doing this year.

Here is an important lesson that sport can teach us if we are willing to learn and can be happy to say that this is a lesson, girls are learning. However, I think it needs to be strengthened.

There are games we win and the games that we lose.

There are some games that are good and the games do not play well.

There is an important difference. ..

If we are in the right section, we must match our competition to the skill level so that the outcome of the games is insecure; These are the games and the opponents who urge us to go a little further than what we considered our borders.

When we play well, we do our best to use our knowledge as individuals and as a team, and to play with good athletes. we have to play hard, try the whole game, face the insecurity and the difficulties, and go further.

When we are playing well: when we can see the right game and try the best game to play the game, regardless of outcome

As we improve our technical skills, we can make these games more and more, where the cycle continues.

The last game of the year captured the essence of the game. Each girl in the field that day did her best to play at the top of her chances. You've seen them compete against the whole game against a very good team. They saw them in the first half of the attacking storm and they not only did not break but counterattacked and scored the first goal. They came out in the second half and combined the attack with their teammates with the passes and created a number of scoring opportunities.

They did not play kickball; They tried to play with patience and skill, even under pressure. They never had to run, even if they did not breathe.

When I see it when I see them trying to play this beautiful game with the ability to play as hard as they can, they're happy to do what they need to do. They show full commitment to the team and themselves. They will not hold back. If you can do this game along the line, you do not know how it will appear, but it is still the highest form of courage.

In my opinion, playing well (ie playing hard, ability, playing with good athletes, playing the right game as an individual and a team) is more important than a concrete result, even though I like to win as much as the next person after being in competition in my life and

There are some games we win and the games that we lose

There are some games that are good and the games do not play well.

We do not play well and these are dangerous games because we can learn the right lessons.

There are games that we lose when we do not play well and they are challenging our character: can we go back and work our gaps and take responsibility for ourselves and our achievements

There are games we win when we played well: it grea test the joy and we did it several times this year.

There are games we lose when we played well: this was yesterday. There is no resignation in our girls and they played the best foos of the year all the way to the final whistle. Sometimes these are the toughest lessons: to play the best, and you still can not win that day. My coach is to help girls see this difference and use their firing for continuation, continuous development, respect for their efforts, and keeping their efforts in the practice and in the next games. [19659002] This is what we are going to do in the futsal: arming individual skills, developing mini-games to improve our tactical games and keep up our pace in a good outdoor season.

You had all your daughters and I know you're so proud of them. We will be in a great season.

Thank you very much for your confidence in training your daughters. I promise to continue to try hard to follow their example.

– Coach

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