The effect of Brexit on English football

Brex, the word came in the early months of 2016 when Britain first announced its exit from the EU. The statement quickly spread to the turbulent wave around the world, especially the rest of the EU. At that time no one was able to understand what was happening and why Great Britain was doing this. Many meetings and press conferences were not in time, but nobody could see a clear picture of the consequences of this exit in the UK. Everyone was waiting for you to know that the UK will vote for this exit. 51.9% of the votes supported Brexit and the other 48.1% votes. Citizens of the EU knew that this would be a big change for them, especially for footballers. The players knew that the UK exit from the EU could make a lot of changes to the system they are part of.

Right now, one year later, in Brexit's referendum, the United Kingdom eventually abolished Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon on March 29, 2017, leaving the premier league clubs out of fear. The following are the parameters that may affect English football:

1) Freedom of movement: The four fundamental principles of freedom of the EU state that citizens' rights are free to move between Member States for employment. Now that Britain has left the EU, it will not be easy for EU citizens to enter the UK. Such a limitation of citizens will have a clear impact on the work of citizens, especially those who are playing football. These footballers will not be able to work with UK football clubs as simply as Brexit. Unless the Government of the United Kingdom agrees with the EU Member States, taking into account the "Freedom of Movement", EU citizens face insecurity. Such an insecurity of players will have a bad impact on their play and career. Only through the freedom of the moment it was possible for these players to work without the workers of different clubs in the EU. After Brex, things will never be the same. Players must get a labor visa for UK football clubs and it will not be so easy.

2) Work permit: Brexit's second major impact on English footballers is the work permit for entry to and work in the United Kingdom. Players who have worked without a visa for UK clubs will now need to obtain a work permit prior to entering the United Kingdom. The complex part is that there is a specific criterion for a work permit. Similar issues are faced by actors outside the EU asking the board to approve the FA before their work permit has been issued to their home office. Taking this into account, the Premier League clubs urged the British government to find some safeguards against the effect of Brexit. They want the UK government to release footballers' freedom to play for their clubs in Britain. Otherwise, it will be difficult for UK football clubs to pick players from Europe. That is why it is extremely important for Britain to maintain its 44-year relationship with the EU.

3) Devaluation Downgrade: Since June 2016, when Brexites were proposed, the British pound is likely to fall against the dollar. The devaluation of the United Kingdom's currency has a strong influence on the lives of players who play in UK football clubs, as they will earn less on Brix's earnings. In addition, it will be easy for UK clubs to simply select footballers from the United Kingdom as they have to pay less for players who understand fonts. In addition, devaluation of the UK currency remains uncertain unless there is a bilateral agreement between the two parties, the UK and other EU casualties. Therefore, this fall in a pound will definitely affect the lives of Premier League footballers. They may face financial losses and many other changes in their lives. Some of them may be difficult to continue their football career, which can be a major issue for them. [4] Tensions between the FA and the Premier League: Brexit has a sense of insecurity around the possible consequences of football law. Players who lead the football clubs in the United Kingdom are also impatient and insecure during their work on Brexit. According to the Premier League record curves, Chelsea and 76 percent are the highest in the Premier League for EU nationals. This means that Blues will suffer most of the posts. In addition, 74 percent of Chelsea players are either EU nationals or EU nationals. It will be very hard for Chelsea to work easily for Brexit. UK football organizations can limit Bosman transfers, which restrict UK clubs to join EU players in their Premier League club. Even the FA is planning to offer new opportunities for young players in England who want to play in England. While Premier League clubs focus on players' teams to face and survive the upcoming races. [5] GBE: "Approval of a Governing Body". According to the criteria for working conditions in the FA, now non-EU / EEA footballers need to obtain GBE from the sport governing body to work and play for the appropriate clubs. Players who have participated in their highest national competitions in the highest competitive international matches for a minimum period of two years before applying for a job visa are eligible for GBE. In the event that any player is not eligible for GBE, the player will be assessed on a point-based system. These points are based on the amount of the transfer fee paid by the player and the basic salary of the player relative to the other players in the championship. These points are awarded on the basis of the performance of a player while playing his previous club. Finally, the player who qualifies for this point-based system will receive the visa and players who do not qualify will not be given employment opportunities for the football clubs.

GBE release length:

Approval of the Governing Bodies a

sponsorship or the level of the claim in question, ie:

As Sponsor – Tier 2 or Tier 5 – for 4 years.

Migrant Tier 2 Sports

Initial application – the duration of the contract or up to three years, whichever is the

in a shorter time.

Application of Extension – the duration of the contract or up to two years, whichever is the

is the shorter period.

Migrant Tier 5 Sports – the duration of the contract or up to 12 months, whichever is the

in a shorter time. There is no extension within the country.

If the Governing Bodies are in the approval requirements, the governing bodies may support each player for a shorter period of time than the contract of employment, for example, for a season. In this case, each player must be aware that their sponsorship and, consequently, the limitation of the entry permit or the right to leave are limited to the length of the approval and will not be for the duration of the contract.

6) Opportunity for Young English Players: Brexit with other negative sounds has created opportunities for young English players who have not yet been able to participate in the first team. FA's authorities want to see the world-class Premier League where world-class players will play and not the average international players. They will be given a chance for domestic players who have the opportunity to compete with international players. They will then be the Premier League platform to showcase their talents in football alongside top-quality football players. The authorities have decided not to try to fight with the Premier League if they call these young people. Rather, they find a sensible way for everyone, players, governments, the Premier League and the FA. There will be no open door policy for any player to come and play in the Premier League and will not be directly against foreigners. It will be the best football show for all of us. In March 2017, EFL announced that the number of domestic players will increase in the next season by 6-7 years. An agreement has also been made that at least one club developed by the players is added to each of the teams for the EFL championship from 2018-19.

A closer look at the above points that Brexit will definitely have an impact on English football, if not many, then at least some. Players are faced with new situations that are difficult to solve, but they always find a solution to the problem. We hope that the United Kingdom Government and the United Nations, as well as the EU and the EU, will find something effective for the citizens and especially the footballers of both parties

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