The club and the country will battle for David Beckham

Over the coming months, football has been thrown at the victory for the soccer tournament, and what a remarkable turn for David Beckham in England! Four years ago, the Spanish club, Manchester United's 25 million-strong move, Beckham called for the current Real coach Fabio Capello. In this season, forced by Squad's injuries, fans and critics in the wrong shape and pressure, Beckham was historically chosen by Capello for his first teamwork and was highly acclaimed to revitalize the denominations, compared to the Spanish La Liga. But he resigned to act near Capello, Beckham decided to join the Los Angeles Galaxy American club for a $ 250 million five-year deal. If you want to play in a country where baseball and basketball are the preferred ball games, it is probably the lowest point, which was undeniably the most talented footballer.

The shock after Beckham unexpectedly recalled the English team and played heroes on the pitch as the inspired England defeated Brazil in a Euro 2008 qualifier in Estonia. Obviously, England is still fourth in Euro 2008 qualifying group E, no doubt Beckham will be from the other qualifiers. But here comes the clam: the Galaxy loses starred services with five stars. These are Euro 2008 qualifying matches against Israel (September 08), Estonia (October 13th), Russia (October 17th) and Croatia (November 21st), and friendly against Germany (22 August).

Knowing that Beckham likes England will desperately do everything to secure 100th England Cup (he is currently 96 caps). But this is likely to be a frequent drive across the Los Angeles West Coast and London, increasing the risk of forming Beckham's threatening deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition in which blood clots develop generally when a person stays inactive longer. As a result, the deaths of commercial passengers were caused by long-term flights.

Strangely, DVT itself is not deadly. When a large clot breaks up, it moves up and goes into the lungs and prevents blood flow – a condition known as pulmonary embolism – that the condition may prove fatal. Personally, I feel that the most ideal situation for Beckham is an English Premiership club that buys the Galaxy contract that has had a wealth of high-priced and expensive seasonal transfers to Beckham's reputation. But this will ensure that you stay in Europe and give your country the best. The other option is who will be … wounded as he is playing against his ankles against Estonia. In essence, the doctor's word will be final and probably have no chance of playing. No club versus country problem. Hundreds of hats. And a misery that puts an end to misfortune?

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