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Dear readers, I was a little annoyed by so-called experts who claimed that the best 14 (11 plus 3 washer) in the world could be selected at all times. So I thought I was doing something and stopped this turmoil, and I never supported the final team. The form I choose is 3-1-4-2.

first Lev Yashin

The first European Championships of 1960, still called the European Nations Cup, the Moscow lion, also known as black panthers, contributed significantly to the victory of the country. His name is Lev Yashin. In 1963 he became the first goalkeeper named European Footballer of the Year. He celebrated his 75th birthday in 2004.

2nd Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore was England's most beautiful captain, a legend who led his country to the highest triumph. He played 108 in England, won 90 matches (with Billy Wright), won the World Cup, FA Cup, Europe Cup Winners' Cup, and the year's championship title. Moore's International Career In 1976, the United States closed a contest to commemorate 200th century. Paolo Maldini

During his 16 years international championship, he became Italy's most favorite player, representing 126 countries. One of the biggest disappointments in Maldini's unsuccessful failure was that it had no significant international silver. However, Maldini could comfort himself when he looked up at his fireplace counter and reminded himself of his incredible successes (he still enjoys) for his club.

4th Franz Beckenbaur

Franz Beckenbauer is the only man to win the World Championship between both players and managers. The honorable ornament is unique. Captain of West Germany, when he won the World Cup and European Championships, also led his club, Bayern Munich for three consecutive European Cups and the European Cup Cup winners. The legacy of Beckenbauer's gold career, however, lasts long. There is no other footballer than an innovator and a winner, as high as the Kaiser.

5th Claude Makelele

Perhaps the best midfielder in recent years, Makelele's career was simply kept and defended by the back four. The democrat Congo-born player moved to Epinay-sous-Sinart, France, with his family in 1977. In 1990 he began his career in Brest, then signed Nantes in 1992, won twice in Spain, won the Premiership and the Carling Cup in the Champions League and the European Super Cup and at the 2002 World Championship in his country , 2004/05 with Jose Mourinho in Chelsea. In May 2006, Makelele picked up the Premiership medal again and then part of the French side, which lost Italy in the World Cup finals. Farewell to the international stage after Euro 2008.

6th Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane has been awarded all the great prizes a player can access. In 1998 he won the prestigious Balon D & # 39; Or, and in 1998, 2000 and 2003 the FIFA Year Player Award. You can sort and distribute passages that are almost in all directions. During individual encounters, Zidane protects the ball and suppresses the pressure. His style is not sparkling, but simple and elegant. Zidane can use your toy car skills in every circumstance and can easily watch it.

7th George Best

He achieved unimaginable altitudes with the brilliant skill that his career lasted for only six years before he was self-destructing alcoholism, bankruptcy and jail. To date, Best claims that nothing has happened to be bored. In six magical seasons with United, he has won 115 games in 290 games – six games in one! He has won two League Leagues, the European Cup and the European Football of the Year. Pele called him his favorite player, which was remarkable since his best international career with Northern Ireland would never allow him to appear in the World Cup finals.

8th Diego Maradonna

Maradona is the full master of the ball who uses his talent and mood at incredible speed. You can defeat the defenders, you can divide the ball … Many of your skills are unpredictable and very dangerous. Few defenders could have prevented Diego in the whale without having committed irregularities, which he really did over the years. In addition, his cruel nature has gained targeted aggressive defenders who simply have no other way to deal with Argentine.

ninth Eusebio

Eusebio Ferreira Da Silva, leader of a group of African footballers who came to the fore in the 1960s, was England's top scorer in the 1966 World Cup (9 goals). Here, his rapid flash acceleration and beautiful dribbling skills recognized him. His trademark was a spectacular shot that made him one of the most dangerous battles of his age, coupled with his powerful running and choking skills.

10th Pele

"I was born for football, just like Beethoven for the music." Arrogant, fascinating words. Except for Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the Brazilian genius known as Pele in the football world. Four World Champion veterans, 1,283 top scorers – 12 of them in the final tournament of the World Cup – are 12 players who won the biggest prize in 1958, 1962, and 1970. He was loose, agile, strong and seemed to be able to do the ball as he likes. Thanks to the impressive shot and the ability to defend over the defense, they were expected to carry out some stupid tricks at each possession. And Brazil has been playing an adventurous football that has always been attacked, constantly striving for scoring. Who can forget the rhythmic chanting of deliriously happy fans?

Ryan Giggs

Welsh Wizard Ryan Giggs began his career at Maine Road, where he played at Manchester City's School of Excellence. When he was fourteen, Alex Ferguson went to his home and asked him to sign school forms with Manchester United. Giggs has become one of the great players in the British game, entertained the masses with its abundant abilities and exhaustive protectors with its blistering pace. Twice won twice a year the PFA Young Player of the Year, the first such person and a major part of his success. Fabio Cannavaro

No question Fabio Cannavaro is one of the best centers in the world. With extraordinary tactical awareness, speed, waiting capabilities, phenomenal jumping ability and ballistic capabilities, he is a natural leader. Although Cannavaro has received numerous personal awards and won a world title, a title forgets him: the Champions League, which is one of the main reasons for Real Madrid's 2006 signing.

14th Jimmy Johnstone

He was one of the Scottish football beads, a tiny, but vicious talent who, with his good-bye, humiliated the defense and impressed the world with his courage. Johnstone was a Scottish International team member who plays 23 times in his country. Captain of England, Emlyn Hughes, Johnstone ran an international tournament and recalled: "In Scotland they fought 2-0 and I was embarrassed to come to Jimmy Johnstone, playing only against a world class player, anyone can do it." [19659002] 15th Johan Cruyff

If Holland was the team who gave all the world's football, Johan Cruyff was the Total Footballer. He won Ajax, the World Clubs Cup and the three-year European football team. On the Dutch side he was the most exciting and talented team in international football, yet he never really won the big trophy during his reign.

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