The base is a 5-3 defensive kit for Pop Warner Football

Defense 5-3 is one of the most popular games that you can see on the youth football level. Especially effective against competitors, and most teams run more than in youth football.

What is the Intro Players Player 5-3 Defensive System Responsibility? This article answers this question in detail.

First, the base defense package must be installed by trainer personnel. Any player who is in the protection anywhere should fully understand all positions in the Base Set. If you want to defend my team, you will learn this area early. You will not defend our team if you do not understand two very simple concepts. Knowing where to find and what to do with the two mandatory requirements that the player needs to be defended. The first step is where to find it and can usually be taught to players from the information they receive from our scouting report. Coverage report coverage is not enough, as many teams may try to cheat with another form than usual, so each player needs to know how to stand on different shapes. Everything from the spread to the unbalanced line must be taught to the whole defense so that there is no surprise on the day of the game.

The second stage is a complete understanding of all defensive positions. Players need to know who is responsible for isolating gaps, isolating them, or covering the zone. The whole defensive team is beneficial if everyone is aware of everyone else's responsibility. It is easy to determine that the protection is "leaking" and we can solve the problem.

There are eight main runtime in the base 5-3 defense system. We use five lines of defense, which contain two defensive ends, two protective gears and a saddle guard. Three to five meters behind the defensive line, we have three linebackers, the middle linebacker lining up the nose, and the two outer linebackers line behind the defensive end. There are three defenders, the safety is 8 to 10 yards behind the middle linebacker and the two defensive backs 7 to 10 yards apart from the outside liners. This defensive kit has the decisive role of the nose, linebackers and defensive teams. In our Pentecost football training program, the nose is responsible for the A slot. The middle Linebacker must cover the back A slot and the B slot on both sides. All defensive equipment must either be a C-slot or a rear B-slot. The balance of protection covers the queues in the queue. The three defensive backs fall under three deep zone coverage, and the outside liners have to operate outside.

In summary, 5-3 is a great basic defense that works on the Muscovite levels, running and most youth football teams can not go on and try to run the ball

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