Texas Lightning Soccer – Principles and Goals

Texas Lightning Soccer is a youth club organized for the development of youthful football programs. The Lightning Soccer Youth Club in Texas is located in Arlington and consists of young footballers from different areas of Dallas.

The club's goal is to prepare and develop youth to be able to compete on different racing circuits, such as regional divisions, the state class and national college football competitions. The club wants to build the personality of its members in terms of discipline, self-motivation, social responsibility and sportiness. It is a guideline for young players to become a productive citizen of the community through sport. In their commitment to develop youth, they provide a scholarship program to describe members and have the opportunity to study at a chosen school, such as Duke University, Texas A & M University, West Point Academy, South Californian University, Radford University, A South Carolina University, Louisiana State University, Naval Academy and Brown University. Nearly 300 players were awarded the scholarship program.

As a commitment to the well-being of young players in the community, the club will develop further development programs such as leadership training, skills development, and team building. It focuses not only on sports development and education programs, but also creates value for members. The aim will be to present young people's talents in football.

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