Supporting football teams in the 1970s

In the 1970s, football support was a completely different entity than today's support for our favorite football team.

The day of the match was quite different, most football pitches were in large terrain areas, as most players can watch the spectators on the day of the tournament for the entrance fee, unlike all tickets and all the seats in the English Premiere.

Televised football is still in its infancy, with few live TV games, most of the football was held on Saturday night at BBC Match of the Day or at ITV's "Big Match" peak, originally Sunday afternoon.

In the 1970s, many supporters had a lasting memory of the newspaper Football Pink, which released all afternoon football scores late on Saturday night; For many, this will be the first time to discover their troops for their fortune, and the worry before they get a copy to see the results will never be forgotten.

Many people are vividly remembered to collect Topps football cards, players' pictures and information cards, made with a wax-packed blister. The Topps cards have become a very collectible obsession, and other cards with children have been given a common place to make a collection.

The Subbuteo football game is remembered by many children in the 1970s as the "flick to kick" game that contained many accessories, most of the football-loving children should have been.

Football gifts and merchandise are hard to find, most sports shops deliver only general-colored scarves, some stitching on patches and baskets for individual teams far away from today's football gifts and merchandise.

The darker side of football fans has also become prominent, and football hooliganism has become a serious problem. The Football World Cup was a difficult venue for many parts of the country. It was soon discovered that most of the violence was organized crime and rival supporters often met outside and outside the football venues. This is the problem of huge turmoil in football in most of the 1970's and 80's.

Many football enthusiasts will remember to support their favorite team in the 1970s and wonder how different the experience is today, with many changes over the years improving the game and giving the team more experience.

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