Strengthening Weaker Football Players – Article 8

Many young people and other footballers are shy and afraid of some contact with the opposition. This is most obvious and occurs against teams or cities where a strong aggressive game is more frequent or a practice accepted by coaches. This is easy to notice when players slow down and retreat when a more aggressive opponent moves towards a "loose ball". This is more common with shy players, but we can also encounter stronger players if the opponent team intimidates them with more aggressive behavior. Still, good footballers are aggressive in the sense that they typically reach a ball when they are off against other players; However, this does not mean that the opposition is spoiling himself.

The right level of legal aggression can be taught to any player with a certain drill, the "shoulder filling drill". This practice should not be thought of as teaching an illegal football game or exceptional rudeness; but that is within the fair rules of the game. The international resource is claimed by the FIFA (Football Association of Football Association) LEGAL PROVISIONS 2012/2013:


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Charging is physically challenged in space elbow.

Injury to Your Opponent:

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it is permissible to contact an opponent's player on his shoulder – this usually means that he should shrug his shoulder. But before discussing the drill in more detail, I would like to present two stories with a couple of relevant stories:

Years ago, the Park Ridge NJ soccer championship organized a mid-age coach, coaching a home league team with a Under 10 team. He was in the middle of the season and his team did not win a single game. He also said that his players are not very aggressive in football. So I decided to personally teach the players to the stump drill. For the following two exercises, I spent 25-30 minutes with the drill and worked for all the players while drilling. Four weeks later, the same coach said that his team now won two games.

Years later, while working with a RI Portuguese men's team and working on the Azores, our team lost the first four games, even though early in each game we saw two or three goals in front or we believe it. Our players were very clever, but they were not accustomed to any or many relationships. They are accustomed to playing against the same game teams. However, in this league, the troops were all American troops who were made up of players from other countries and with domestic players. The game was different if contact, aggression and intimidation would go. Our players contributed to intimidation, as the opposition soon realized that this was the way to raise their hands (perhaps the upper leg).

After the fourth game, all of the players were put aside and worked with them with the stump drill. Such a player stopped in the middle of the drill when I was shocked at my shoulder on the shoulder; Shortly thereafter, however, he caught the technique. Wondrously, players have easily adapted to the recognition that they must also show greater determination. The results so far have had the experience and good conditioning so far. This kind of aggression helped them win every game. Furthermore, our team actually won the championship this season.

Now back to the description of the drill. That's pretty simple. The trainer throws a ball in front of two players at the start of each line as a race start. The players run after the "loose ball" and shoulder to shoulder to take possession of the ball. Once one wins properly, the other player must win the ball. At 25-30 yards distance, the players turn the course and continue the drill to the starting line. Keep in mind that this drill is not a competition or a dominant one for a single player. Keep this drill in mind when the players are in the playing field. A more detailed description of the drill can be found in comprehensive football or soccer drill books.

The drill's intention is to teach the amount of legal football touch (or roughness) to weaker players; but it is also beneficial to other players. Most young people and other players do not know this is a strategy to control bullet. It should also be noted that some amateur referees do not necessarily know the legal suit, and they can call it a criminal offense. But this is not a reason to instruct players to use the technique: just and in the rules of the game.

Players familiar with the correct use of the technique are stronger, more confident and more skilled. A more complete effect will be seen when maintaining good physical conditioning along with the drill; enabling players to steadily gain power during the entire game.

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