Sport Coaching: 5 strategies to tackle bad attitudes

Ugh … a bad attitude player. It sounds like a serious sports cliché, but it's true – it's like a crab in the locker room, the practice track / court and the game. Teams can make all athletes difficult by their constant problem behavior.

But do you believe it or not, it is possible to stop – or at least curb it, starting with a few statutes. And it does not hurt that the player's parents are involved. It requires a lot of energy to deal with players who have bad attitudes but can turn around and the impact of the rest of the teams can be significantly reduced.

Here are some tools to address athletes:

oLay rules for players and parents – This is the first thing I will tell every coach – especially if you are a community team, as opposed to a school team. Even if a school team were a trainer, I would do it. Plan a Parent Meeting and Wait for Everyone to Be There

At this meeting, you explain to parents and players the behaviors that players anticipate and how they want to practice in practice and when they play. This is very much promoted by Coach Carter, but it is advertised by many current athletics clubs. The coaches must immediately redirect the team.

It is important to lay the foundation for behavior, expectations, exercises, games and the role of parents

oDeal is equal to the player – If you try to descend or worse, call the players before their peers you will not receive the the desired answer. Talk to the player behind the closed doors and pick them up to play an active role in the team. Do not talk to them.

oTalk to Team Leaders – When approaching team leaders, they will be able to convince or influence player behavior with behavioral problems. The pressure between men is often the best pressure on people.

o Taking the player's responsibility to take advantage of the player's influence and transform it into a positive one. Get them involved in most of the team to try to get a positive interest in what the team is doing. You may have been surprised at what is being created.

Feel calm – Attitude is part of responding. Do not let the player see how they affect what they are doing.

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