Soccer Team Tour to Italy – "Player Experience"

When members of the "Wilmington NC Cape Fear Beakers Boys Soccer Club" went to Italy for Perugia, they did not know what to expect. However, they knew that they would be training and participating in an international competition involving players from several European countries and the United States and Canada. Their coach, Antonio Saviano, tried to understand that many of his opponents are bigger, stronger, faster and better trained than the players he faced. In addition, it could play in a larger area with eleven players, instead of the usual eight and eight.

When they came to Italy, the week was laid down for them. Two morning and afternoon sessions were possible on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, sightseeing and rest would be a chance. From Thursday to Saturday, they competed in eleven team competitions with at least two games per day. The championship finals will take place on Saturday afternoon. On Monday morning at 9.30, everyone got on the bus excited as they walked into their first meeting. Despite the fact that they came to the previous day, their enthusiasm overwhelmed the lack of sleep. Parents moved to late-morning rest in the city, sightseeing, shopping, and cappuccino meals. When the coach came back for lunch, however, the lack of sleep and the high level training was obviously overwhelmed. The boys were exhausted and they were told to have lunch and go to their room to relax and get back in the afternoon session. The eleven-year-old Jack Sordellini was among more than a few players who were surprised "what did I get for myself?" However, it was gathering for the next session as well as on Tuesday but was happy to return to the hotel to eat, swim with her crew in the pool and just relax. On Wednesday it was a solemn celebration and many members of the team had toured Rome and other parts of the beautiful country.

Games started on Thursday. Jack could not wait and would not have longed to get what he came for. He played in the right hand, it seemed that every ball was played in the field for the first 10 minutes and had to do more long runs. His opponent's size and speed were as advertised, and the bigger field tested his stamina with the tempo of the game. He was still surprised if he was above his head. The game finally fell into a less ingenious pace, and the Wilmington boys realized they could compete with their stronger opponents. This first game was unsuccessfully over, and Wilmington won a penalty kick. The balance of the timetable was played in the same way and, although they did not make the final of the tour, they were honored. Every match increases confidence in both the pitch and the pitch.

Alex Gianoplus, 12, heard people singing in the audience, but who were and how they knew their name? Did you or did you want to do it? He asked a guest to play for an Italian team, but did not understand the words his team had told him, but he got the general idea: hold the ball out of the net.

Despite the fact that the weather was hot, it was over 90 degrees, Alex was wearing long garments, and his socks were pulled to his knees. The artificial turf, 10+ degrees warmer than the air temperature, provided both knees and elbows with a beautiful raw skin layer. This was the price he paid for as he spent the week doing the games and the games that were lurking in all directions, resulting in acrobatic savings.

But now he played in the semi-finals as a guest at the Olympics and heard that his name was called the booths. As the opposition cleverly advanced the ball to the attack, it surprised the accuracy of the passes. When he followed the left-wing game, he felt that the ball had to go to the other side. After one second the ball was directed to the right, and now one of the attackers ran in the perfect time to move the head to the net. Alex pushed instinctively to the right and extended both arms. The ball seemed to be in the net when Alex reached out and fired at the goal. As he landed on his elbows he heard the rhythmic melody of the audience: ALEX! ALEX! ALEX! "Well, I think they're rooting for me," she thought.

When the game was over, Alex came to the booths to see the next game. He learned that his new fan club is a group of players who have been interested in the Alex team's victory. Alex was sitting among his new friends who got to know each other, joked, watched the game, and changed sweaty boots as a souvenir. Although there was a language barrier, they clearly knew they had a common bond.

Later, after the first two teams played at the tournament, all teams and their parents went to an awards ceremony. The host of the tournament is in front of the table of wonderful trophies in front of the winning teams. He thanked all the participants and then gave the prizes. The first, he announced, was more young. "Jack Sordellini did not know what to say, but he understood his own name and went up to accept the trophy, becoming the youngest player in the tournament.

The race manager continued and picked up the next big cup, best portiere written. "Alex Gianoplus heard his name and realized he was named the" best goalkeeper "tournament.

The next day, Jack and Alex were waiting patiently at the airport to go home. All luggage was checked except for a small portable and of course two huge trophies. As they waited for their flight, they sat and talked about the weeks that had long begun.

Somehow the memory of the week has changed a bit. Practical lessons from Monday and Tuesday did not seem creepy. In their mind, the oppositions were not as big as they seemed. The field slightly shrunk, and the blistering, hot sun-spasms were not reminded. Burned knees and elbows in his stomach are no more than a faded memory …

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