Soccer Net – A net that stops the balls

"No more chasing the ball."

Soccer net, the football goal is just a big box. The bullets do not stop. They just wanted to persecute them all over the place. So whether you have a local practice field or your backyard goal, the soccer net is a good investment.


You just understand that football is clinging to a framework that is a goal of football. The net to which you attach to that frame is what will in the practice or during the game be chasing balls all over the place. If the balls enter the net.


Most nets are made of polyethylene or nylon. The individual fibers can have a diameter of 2 mm to 5 mm. This is the thickness of the cable. The holes or openings in the mesh can range from 2.5 inches to 5 inches. Standard samples are either a honeycomb (like grain) or square.


Because there are different size football goals in practice, pick-ups, mini-games or field games have different size soccer nets. To ensure proper size, observe the following guidelines:

  • Height – the distance between the ground and the crossbar.
  • Width – distance from position 2.
  • Maximum depth – Distance from the first crossbar to the upper corner of the frame.
  • Bottom Depth – Distance from Gate to Back Crossbar on Earth.

These measurements are accurate to help you find the right mesh right away. If you are not sure, always buy larger if you double the net if necessary.

What to choose

A larger mesh that is produced with a thicker wire will be much higher, but it will take longer. If you think this is not important, you should think again. The net will get a lot of balls in practice or games. Each time a ball hits the net, it will affect the net. And every game or practice will see some bodies shrink in the net. This will affect how long the net will last. You can decide what counts for you. I suggest that if a player needs 12 or older cables of at least 3 mm.

Attaching the Net


  • Most goals are equipped with clips or rods to secure the net to the frame.
  • For existing goals, clips can be purchased separately and can be installed on their own.
  • Velcro fasteners are also available that secure the mesh around the poles. But these are likely to be replaced frequently.
  • You can use a cord or rope, but it's really pain to cut and replace regularly.
  • Some people suggest using a bungee liner. I say no! The hooks can be very dangerous if someone gets into it. I do not feel safe enough.


  • Many targets come with anchors or bets to secure the net to the ground.
  • You need to create an anchor system for every soccer goal.


Over time and more bullets and people get into the net, wear off and eventually break away. That's why it's a good idea to get an extra set of nets when that happens. Preparation is always a good idea.


You may not think it's dangerous, but setting up your network is just this. Be careful. Look at the step and do not hit your feet in the net. One small twist may cause pacing or broken bone in the wrong direction. I saw this happen.

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