Soccer ball

Football game is one of the most popular sports of modern times and played with football balls. The standard football ball is sized with the size of 5, with a diameter of 69 centimeters.

These spheres come back in 1855 when Charles Goodyear produced and designed ball balls and in 1863 the English Football Association was formed. In 1873, it was decided that the soccer ball should be 69 cm-71 cm (27 inches) round, while in the 1937s a weight of 400 g to 450 grams should be created and football balls covered with leather or any approved material .

The most modern balls are sewn from 20 normal hexagons and 12 regular pentagons to make a 32 panel waterproof or plastic. The panel 32 is a spherical polyhedron corresponding to the truncated icosahedral and is spherical because it swells inside the faces from the air pressure.

The first group of balls described above was sold in Denmark in the 1950s, Europe in Europe in the 1960s, with the Adidas tel star being the official world globe in the 1970 World Cup. Football balls are made with non-waterproof plastic seams as designed in volleyballs,

The newer balls were designed by Adidas, which are chip-enabled balls provided by the chip known as the integrated chip ASIC and chip inside the sphere, data transmission. The chip sends the information to the referees after the ball crosses the outer goal line or throws and this system was tested in Nuremberg and first used in Peru under the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

If you are a professional footballer and an amateur, soccer or amusement, or even those who are looking for a perfect gift for their children for Christmas or birthday, it will be difficult to have a quality ball that fits your tastes and meets the approved FIFA ball. The article aims to educate readers about different types of balls to help them get the perfect ball that meets all the standards that makes gaming enjoyable and prevents sports-related injuries

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