Selecting the High School Booster Club name and defining your mission

When Booster Club is started or redefined, it must start with the Booster Club's name and organizational mission.

Name Selection

Choose a name for the High School Reminder Group that clearly identifies the nickname and / or school, the supported activity, and the club's name. For example, you can call Irish Football Boosters or Rosemount Irish Football Boosters or the Rosemount Irish Football Booster Club.

You may want to add only a few alternative names to register yourself with the state, which you will eventually have to do.

To sign up for your name, simply go online to your state secretary's office and visit our Corporate Department. You can search for a name search here to check the availability of the desired name (s).

Definition of Mission

After merging the name of the reminder club, contradict the definition of an organizational mission or mission. It should be an effective statement of mission behind the group's driving force. You have to write down your general purpose or goal and how these goals will be realized. And it must be consistent with other organizational documents, which should eventually be elaborated or revised, such as organizational laws and instruments of incorporation. It must be clear, comprehensive and concise.

A simple template or template mission that you can use for a reminder group:

The Booster Club (school name) (program or activity) is designed to provide the moral, voluntary, and financial support needed to make our programs a prominent role in the coming years.

This is achieved by coordinating ongoing communication and culture activities between past, prospective and current participants and their parents. financial support for the activities of the annual volunteer and the youth program as well as the campaign of annual membership, advertising and occasional or occasional special gifts to ensure maximum financial support for individuals, organizations and businesses (Program or Activity) (School Name)

a simple and easily identifiable name and a clear, comprehensive yet concise mission statement are two key factors for club success. They literally define you and what you intend to do. Therefore, take these elements carefully into account when organizing or reorganizing the high school reminder group.

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