Season 2010 – 2011 The Football Team of the Year


Josep Guardiola Barcelona has become the best Spanish football team in the last few seasons. Real Madrid was the climax, but the past seasons did not see consistency in Madrid and Barcelona won. Barcelona currently has the Spanish La Liga 5 points ahead of Real Madrid. Barcelona many deserve the game, the "beautiful" mode. Xavi and Iniesta have two top players at Barcelona's midfield and the heart of the Barcelona side.

Xavi and Iniesta looked fantastic this season, but as always, in Barcelona, ​​a man always steals the show. Lionel Messi, 35 of 35 goals that are already starting this season, is a fantastic record. Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world and perhaps the best in this era. It is able to keep the ball from the defenders and to open the defensive with the kick, the crowd is on the fringes of the fans during the game. The words can not describe how good Messi and his sensational figure this season saw Barcelona's success this season, La Liga and the Champions League. Lionel Messi was not only in formal form, but the recent acquisition of David Villa this season, which scored 21 goals in 36 matches, you saw that the Barcelona attacking threat was too much for the season.

Not only does it help to create two strikes from scratch, but he has a midfielder working tirelessly from the ball that will make it easier for Barcelona to defend himself, as shown in the last 4-3. Arsenal in the Champions League. Once again their favorites are to win the Champions League, as they have been knocked over Inter Milan last year, Barcelona pulled Arsenal out of the Nou camp and looks at the tournament at home.

Not to mention that Barcelona Real Madrid is played in the Spanish Cup finals in April that it was also a favorite. Barcelona's failure and the ability to keep the ball under all conditions without pressure, is the main feature of success. Puyol is the manager at Barcelona's back and is missing for a few months for injury, but defends defensively and defends Guardiola's side as one of the best football teams in the world.

In Barcelona, ​​7 permanent Spanish internationals won the European Championship (2008) and the World Cup (2010) in a row to dominate national competitions. These 7 international teams, including Spanish, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro and David Villa, Dani Alves, Lionel Messi, Eric Abidal and Victor Valdes, are close enough to perfection.

Real Madrid

Despite Barcelona's dominance, Real Madrid ran close to Barcelona and had their own supreme side, which consisted of world superstars that came at enormous prices. Cristiano Ronaldo was signed for £ 80m, Kaka was bought for £ 50m and Benzema £ 30m. Oh, and together with the signatures of Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso. The week before the Iker Casillas, Pepe, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos team members obviously say that our team will be able to do a lot.

After the megastar list is available to Real Madrid, Real Madrid is still really exploding during the season, but soon they still have a good chance of winning the season. This statement summarizes Real Madrid this season, despite not playing full potential consistently; they are still competitive with the 3 big trophies, which is awesome for their competing clubs.

Jose Mourinho is the first season in Real Madrid and the first in Spain. The Champions League was the last 16 in Lyon that surprisingly knocked Real Madrid at this stage of the competition for the last 6 years. Jose Mourinho's arrival at Real Madrid was very important in the Champions League after winning the race with Inter Milan last season.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2010 Champions League winner with Manchester United, will help fight Real Madrid and has been a vital tool for Galaticos since arriving in Spain. On average, he scored 1 goal in all matches in Real Madrid (53 goals in 55 games), which is an incredible start for Madrid's career. So far this season, 26 of 28 have been awarded, and 8 assists the La Liga this year's name, which has 5 hats tricks. Currently injured, which is a big blow to Real Madrid if they want to advance in the Champions League and win the La Liga title in Spain. Ronaldo's overall play was claimed by many footballers to be the best in the world: Ronaldo got a good goal with his left leg and a striker finish. All three of these basic gameplay create a world-class player.

Real Madrid does not have to play guitar with any world-class player who has a team but Jose Mourinho has an impact on Real Madrid in full flight, only a matter of time players and fans join each other and become the huge pages with which Real Madrid was in the time of Zidane and Figo. Similar to Real Madrid, Manchester United was not at the highest level and did not play the same level as in previous years.

Manchester United

Fortunately for Manchester United, the other Premier England team did not consistency and could not compete with Manchester United's ability to crush the results. Manchester United is currently the number one in the English Premiership and even in the Champions League and in the FA Cup semi-finals. This is particularly true of Manchester United's high performance, particularly seasonal performance.

Many Manchester United successes this season with Sir Alex Ferguson. Having been one of the weakest side of Manchester United in his club years, he was still astonished at this season. Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes were so effective in this season for those players who are in a race who can not compete twice a week.

The fall in Wayne Rooney's shape saw him play around the other players and do the best as he saw Manchester United success this season. Dimitar Berbatov was remarkably impressed this season and had two hats of tricks against Liverpool and Blackburn. Javier Hernandez has also played a key role this season and has achieved important results this season during the first season of English football. Mexican striker signing £ 7 million this season has scored 16 goals, one of the 2010/2011 season signs. Nani and Ryan Giggs have contributed extraordinaryly this season to Manchester United results this season, and it will take more weeks to get this 19-Premiership title with the illusion that they will be able to reach the Liverpool's 18 year old Hungarian Premiership title.

Manchester United's qualitative depth was also a big reason for their success this season. The English side has been hit by unlucky executions this season too many leading stars. Rio Ferdinand is plagued and missed this season with injuries, but Chris Smalling has been revealed since Fulham has signed and is definitely looking forward to the future. Antonio Valencia's unfortunate injury saw him bring Nani's performance into line, making him one of the best winds, as he had more workouts than matches last season. Gary Neville's long-term substitute, Rafael has jumped leapily since the start of the season, where Neville has lost place in the young Brazilian and recently in the former England international football. Rafael is now on Manchester United.


Tottenham has exploded on the European stage this season, and Milan does not have to be reminded. Tottenham unfortunately was unlucky to have lost Inter Milan in Group 4-3, Gareth Bale and San Siro were a hat trick. Tottenham beat them in the home tie and recently knocked AC Milan out of the Champions League knockout round for the last eight.

Success has affected many aspects of the club that have improved significantly to make Tottenham one of the most popular sites in England. Harry Redknapp has found a consistent manager and one of the top managers in England. He helped stabilize the club and got the best out of all his players. Tottenham with the strongest side of the English Premiership cut the market deeply. Niko Kranjcar, Roman Pavlyuchenko and a number of other stars who seem cumbersome to penetrate the side, prove the strength of the Tottenham side.

Tottenhamet, one of the world's best players, has helped this season. Gareth Bale's massive improvement this season has earned many awards and earned it in a remarkable way. Gareth Bale's performances this season are with Lionel Messi this campaign and he has commented on the national news about possible moves by Manchester United or Inter Milan. The left midfielder has been double-digit this season and has put many goals to his side; The fight against San Siro against Inter Milan is one of the most important points in the football season.

Gareth Bale was not only good in this season, but Rafael Van Der Vaart's first season in English football was invaluable. Van Der Vaart was signed by Redknapp with £ 8m, which is one of the best in Tottenham history. Van Der Vaart is a signature signed by Redknapp, who is playing with the unwanted player he announced and was one of Tottenham's best players this season. Not only Van Der Vaart and Bale, but also Luka Modric, are very impressive this season and have indicated how Tottenham is playing. Tottenham creates a perfect balance between creativity and aggression with the Modric – Palacios combination.

Borussia Dortmund

Nine points clearly at the top of the German Bundesliga look at Dortmund for those favorites who recall the season. After a bad season in the Europa League, Dortmund triumphed in the German Bundesliga, during the storm the defending champions of Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen. If they continue to win the league title, it will be the club's first big silver for 13 years and fully capture the championship by the shock they deserve for their season's performance.

The Dortmund team is in a fantastic team spirit and always keeps the club out of the field problems that stay in close harmony with the club. They are extremely discreet and there are no natural players, there are no players who think they are too big for the club, which is solid for the team as a unit and club. Dortmund is the club in Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic the pair has created an excellent partnership at the center of defense for Dortmund, which has only scored 15 goals in 26 games with the best defense in the league with 18 goals.

Dortmund has already doubled the number of Bayern Munich and lost Leverkusen on the opening day of the season, Dortmund later took revenge in Leverkusen to beat them at Leverkusen's 2-0 place. This proves that currently the best clubs in Germany are not just team teams who are fighting this season but also good achieved results for the best German troops.

For Dortmund, it is now crucial that they they are good-natured and are playing such a good season and will be listed next season and the Champions League next season, which seems to be in the current position. Undoubtedly, the best European clubs will strive to put Hummels and Subotic on their books, so they have to be financially supported to help keep their devices. Midfielder Shinji Kagawa has been linked to Manchester United in the January transfer window, which has impressed 12 goals in 25 games in midfield this season.

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