Real Madrid – One of the best football clubs in the century

Real Madrid is a professional football club in Madrid, Spain. This is the most successful team in Spanish football and FIFA voted the most successful club in the 20th century after winning thirty-one La Liga titles, seventeen Spanish cups, record nine European Cups and two UEFA Cups.

Real Madrid was founded in 1902 and spent the whole history in the highest flying Spanish football. In the 1940s, after the Spanish Civil War, the club, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and Ciudad Deportiva were rebuilt. In the 1950s, the club was counted as one of the main strengths of both Spanish and European football.

In the 1980s, the club was one of the best Spanish and European teams, won two UEFA Cups, five Spanish titles, one Spanish cup and three Spanish Super Cups. The team plays on a domestic track in a whitewash. The team has two more equipment: blue and black. The Real Stadium at the Santiago Bernabeu has a capacity of 80,354 players in Madrid, where it has been playing since 1947.

The club has long existed rivalry in some clubs; the most significant of them is FC Barcelona, ​​the two teams regularly contest the "El Clasico" match. Unlike most European football clubs, Real Madrid members are owned and operated from the start. The club is the world's richest football club (EUR 351 million) and the second most valuable (from the 2008 study to more than EUR 950 million).

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