Protecting the Matchup Zone for Testing – Part 1

We live in a world where certain worms start at an unimaginable speed. From sliced ​​bread to iPhone, people see something they love – and they use it. The same goes for basketball coaches. More and more teams are running the matchup zone defense in your section, league, and your state. What they consider a "great equalizer" now protects the nation as a standard defense. This allows teams to use human principles with conventional zone protection methods. This defense allowed many teams to "win less talented".

If you were looking for the "Basketball Match Zone Zone Defense" on the web, you would find more links than you've seen. There is plenty of information on how to run. Excellent literature also includes descriptions such as how to apply a high position to tandem raise with low posters. Unfortunately, there is not much to be beaten.

To successfully challenge, you must use the following concepts:


(19659002) * STEP BY ZONE (Fifth Part)


(1969: 002) * FOUR EXTERNAL EXIT (Part 7)

"Use Scouting to Benefit".

In basketball, coaches must take the lead in their favor. That's what I mean by breaking down the movie! Do not let the veteran ego stand in the way of shooting the game. Too many times, the coaches are aware that they are sitting on the stalls with only one notebook. His greatest ally, the rewind button, will recognize his habits and target weak defenders. Check how to protect the high rank, skip the passages and overload. They attack their weakest defenders by placing riders in those areas. Get the movies against teams that are struggling with the confronted team. Run Similar Stocks or Concepts

Overall, by destroying your opponent's movie you will be prepared for the missile! If you've practically done what you've learned from the movie, your team is also getting ready. Remember, if you and your opponent are similar to your talent, preparation will ensure the winning edge.

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