Oswestry Town FC

Oswestry was the home of football as long as someone remembered there was no official record of when the team was formed but the common perception that Oswestry FC was the first football team in the world … maybe even the first one. Originally born as Oswestry United, they played friendly matches at local cricket ground against local troops such as Chirk, Ruabon and Druids, all of which are located in North Wales Wrexham. Oswestry United was a founding member of Ruabon, Chirk and Druids in a league that is known as the "Combination" in North Wales and North West England.

In 1880, Oswestry became the founding member of the Football Association in Wales, and entered the first Welsh cup next season. After the war, the team was renamed Oswestry Town and competed in the Welsh League Championship. Oswestry Town later faced various races in the Birmingham Championships after becoming the champions of the Welsh federation in 1924 and wanted new challenges. the famous teams such as Telford United, Shrewbury Town and Kidderminster Harriers.

Spells in the Cheshire League, Southern Premier League and North Premier League will follow the passage of time. Oswestry Town both on the pitch and on the pitch when finances were tense and debt structures. As a result, the sad sale of their home, the Victoria Road Ground, and a period when football was suspended in Oswestry, perhaps in the long run. Eventually, the wealth of the Park Hall on the outskirts of the town began to take place. Park Hall was an army built facility that had held many different sports in the area, including rugby union and horseback riding.

In the stagnant years of clubs, the face of football has changed with the introduction of a Welsh national championship. As mentioned earlier, Oswestry Town was a founding member of the Welsh Football Association and thus has the right to play in the tournament. Oswestry Town has resumed its pitch by entering the Welsh Nation League (Wrexham area) and has begun to upgrade the Welsh football leagues' pyramid scheme. After getting to the Cymru Alliance Championship, which is one of the two alliances for the Wales Alliance. Oswestry Town won the League and Cup double for the first time it requested. He was sadly rejected the lifestyle of Welsh football as the Park Hall could not meet the strict stadium requirements of the championship. After a lot of fundraising and donation, the club was able to buy the money needed to buy enlightenment, leading the fund to the appropriate standard, and another successful Cymru Alliance season faced further financial difficulties in 1999/2000 that prevented Wales Welsh. This time the financial difficulties were too serious for the club to defeat and Oswestry Town had played its last match. Football in Oswestry continues at Park Hall due to the relocation of the new saints who were in the nearby Lantsantfryn.

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