New football coach for parents

You are a young or inexperienced youth football coach, and there are a lot of excited and excited parents who are crying on their kid or who are just keen to help. What do you tell them to bring them to your side? How can we get them into a large organization? If we do not handle their expectations and concentrate on their energy, we miss a great opportunity or even worse, the risk of drama. Drama is not good for the team!

Do not worry. Everything will be fine! Here's a very successful technique: the Coach's Letter to the Parents, which strictly defines the expectations of parents, players and coaches during the season and can easily adapt to their own needs. For me, it is my pleasure to have parents

Here is the following letter:

Reminder: ___________Girls soccer team parents _________ Subject: Coaching goals, perspectives and intentions [19659002] 1. I train U10G as a volunteer, I like football for a lifetime, playing with a very good club team for a couple of years at the university, and I have been playing management games / games for most of the 2 outdoor and 1 indoor (indoor) achieved great results with the Big 5 (see below)

2. Focusing on the girls' Great 5, and so we are because our team always monitors and evaluates each and every game

1. Play hard

2. Have Fun

3. Support Team

4. I like the game

5. Respect the other team and the referees

We are the winners when we do this. I will continue to ask them to express what they mean in their own words.

3rd It's very important that you are the daughter of your daughter and be my coach. They keep on knowing that they have unconditional love, admiration and enthusiasm and challenge me to the technical aspects of the game. The Big 5 would be a good dialogue with her daughters to confirm what is really important to them this time.

4th My goal is to create a supportive environment for girls to create a strong character through healthy competition and to develop their individual and team knowledge in football. I would like to contribute and appreciate the strength of your team. We know that strong, positive, social groups serve as a moral resource for our daughters in teenage years

. I focus on girls as players to give them equal time to play and to help each girl's skills in every practice, game, and week. We measure success with our effort, our attitude, and the distance we have achieved

. His relationship with parents was very good, and I appreciate the help with the reinforcement of these lessons through positive language and good sports

. I strongly encourage you to be active with your daughter in practice. Football is great fun and kicking the ball is a great way to burn some calories and play together. If you want to help in practice, you can do this.



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