NBA Basketball Teams – Biggest Devaluations 09-10

So far, NBA basketball has been an interesting thread so far. Who would have thought that Kings and Thunder, two of the four worst teams in the last year's championships, would suddenly rise from the ashes, and now have won as much as last year during the year? Did anyone have the Suns suddenly playing big basketball? Things were certainly interesting, with some pleasant surprises that have been so enjoyable this season so far.

Turn the charts for a minute and see the biggest disappointments for the teams. Who left the most out of the season?

Well, the pistons deserve mention. The season starts at 11-21, it is clear that the once powerful guns have fallen completely. After the loss of Chauncey Billups last season and Rasheed Wallace's loss the World Cup height has disappeared, and Detroit basketball is again obscured.

What about the Hornets? It was a team that played under the leadership of Chris Paul and year after year, though it does not look like this season. With regard to the 14-16 year old record, the Hornets have lost their basketball so far. Chris Paul is not able to do anything, and the support casting was by no means dissatisfied with the least.

Last for the Golden State Warriors. It was the playoffs team that beat only # 1 Mavericks a few years ago and suddenly this team is sitting at 9-22 with the second worst record in the West Confederation. You are curious that Don Nelson's coach may be limited.

Next month, I'll update them to see if the same teams are still on my list. Hopefully things can be reversed!

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