Napoli FC – a short story

The SSC Napoli, often referred to as the Napoli Football Club or simply Naples, is an Italian football club in Naples. The team is currently in Serie A, the highest ranked Italian football champion and the fourth largest fan of Italy.

Napoli was at the height of the mid-1980s when, at the Serie A summit, the club finally won the championship title in the 1986-87 season. .

With Diego Maradona Argentine football legend and players signing Ciro Ferrara, Salvatore Bagni and Fernando De Napoli, the Napoli club has won two Scudetto (Serie A) titles, Coppa Italia and a European trophy in the 1980s -the end of the year is the form of the UEFA Cup.

The magnitude of this result has been transformed by numerous players of Naples, especially the serene Maradona, into cultural icons. Indeed, the outspoken Argentine will still be amazed, enthralled and thrilled fans during his career in Naples.

The 1987-88 season saw Naples abandon their title and ultimately ended. However, next season, the club took its first big European trophy when it defeated Stuttgart to lift the UEFA Cup.

In the 1989-90 season, the club won the Serie A title and scored two points against AC Milan in the title tournament. Maradona played a major role in the victory of all these trophies, and it is often attributed to the fact that the clubs were a great success for success.

At the beginning of the 1990s, however, after the drug test was omitted, the midfielder was banned for 15 months and never recruited the club and started in 1991 in Seville.

After Maradona left Napoli The Football Club experienced a break in the fortunes, lost some great stars, including Gianfranco Zola, faced financial difficulties and historically moved to Serie B at the end of the 1997-98 season.

By August 2004, the famous club went bankrupt and made over $ 70 million in debt. The club was later reformed and rebuilt, then placed in Serie C1. Napoli quickly climbed into the wards and soon remained in Serie A, where they have remained since.

The club is now well-established in Serie A and in the last three seasons sixth, third and fifth. The club boasts a young, hungry team whose quality is needed for the title attack but largely depends on the newly appointed leader Rafael Benitez's approach. Following Chelsea's resumption of a Uefa Cup victory and a guaranteed league championship, the Spanish will enter new work with new confidence.

If Rafa builds on the European finals and strong championship leagues in the 2011-12 season, the club will be able to challenge the Scudetto in a few years. However, this depends on what transfer budget is for Benitez and how it will be able to overcome the interest of star team Edinson Cavani and talisman midfielder Maestro Marek Ham; I buy; k.

If Benitez has time to put his own stamp on the team and get the most out of the legacy team, then every chance that SSC Napoli can challenge the championship.

However, if Benitez is dismissed early or forces the club to participate with the best talent, it is likely that the club has a similar view of the 90's.

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