Men's Book Club Policy

So I was in this man's bookstore for a few years. Oh, we do not call it a book club. It's too … um … not sure what that is, but I'm sure too many things. We call basketball practice, even if we are all short, uncoordinated, and we never intended to play anything under the "exercises". We were so self-conscious that we lived in a whole man's book club, which for years had refused to read female authors. Fortunately, we felt better and there were actually two women attending our meetings. Both of them were the authors of the book's readers. I seriously doubt that we will ever allow a permanent female member to practice.

In any case, I thought I could share some rules if you are interested in starting your own basketball practice:

  1. You need a hard-handed and pretty sarcastic president who is willing to enforce the stupid rules undemocratically and fairly. This can be the only way for the group to stay with all men.
  2. You must have a secretary who is willing to provide meeting places and book selections in advance with a certain decent system. She may assume this chairman's responsibility, but her hand will hold the women completely and she is there before she is totally unable to be fair.
  3. Any member or potential member who always thinks he is right and never willing to give anything, even despite the overwhelming facts, has to drink it immediately and never send a new invitation. Of course, the member in question is the president. Any omission can be objectionable because the protection of women is overwhelmed.
  4. Non-fiction books generally lead to better disputes. So when you have time to choose the book, try selecting the non-fiction title. If you choose fiction, get ready for your book so that you do not read and report sarcastic comments over the years and years to come. Without this is a great book, it is considered one of the best choices ever. Only the fantastic choices of McCarthy, Kerouc, Steinbeck and a few other authors hopefully hope to reassure the group.
  5. It looks like the 6-8 member is the best number. 10 or more and too many people enjoy meaningful conversation. 5 or fewer, and members start opening crazy ideas like inviting their wives. As a result, he places great emphasis on the president.
  6. Beer is a nice supplement, like cheese and other arterial clogging. It should be borne in mind that too many beer and several hours of conversation with individuals described in section 3 can cause serious injury or possibly disappear in Jimmy Hoffa.
  7. Members should make a bona fide effort to read each selection. Constantly unreadable statements can become extreme ridicule or the president's position.
  8. Never refer to the book club as a male book club or a book club. When family members ask what you are doing, go for great and detailed descriptions to explain the group without using the "book club" words together. Invitations include bowling, basketball practice, forum gatherings, line dancing lessons, aerobics classes, knitting lessons, etc. It helps to avoid unwanted questions and can take long ways to maintain a manly facade.
  9. Every month we meet each month on the same day, every month. Every second Thursday of the month it works well. Any departure from the timetable must be approved by the secretary and must be communicated to him. If someone other than the secretary changes something, something has not really changed.
  10. Meetings should be held monthly and rotated at members' homes. You can only meet in a bar if and only if there is no book selection this month. Disturbances in the bar are defective to the president. You have noticed the weakened state, women can penetrate the group. Finally, this results in the group dissolving after a drama like a month-old soap opera.

Here it is. The template of what you want to call. Change, add, or delete any item. But be careful, these elements are mutually dependent. And if your change, blow or blow-up clears your face, do not weep. I remind you of this warning.

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