March Madness Predictions: Designing the First Seed in the NCAA Race

Experts from the NCAAB teams in Division 1 watch the Madness Madness college basketball team at the corner, which means that it's time to see where competitors are the number one seed in the race. We have examined the remaining timetables, using RPIs and eye exams to determine the teams that we think should be the number one seed. Conferences tend to make things a little shake, so we've also considered what to think of these tournaments. We can go far, because we think of the future, not the present, but sometimes we have to be bold.

first Kentucky Wildcats

Wildcats are very likely to become NCAA's tournaments as the number one full seed. Even if they sometimes slip away and lose the game, I do not think any questions arise with one of the country's biggest consensus. This is how we can say that they will be going through the SEC tournament and we will go unpunished at the NCAA race. This team is definitely the best group of Freshman ever gathered in the history of college basketball and one of the finest NCAAB teams.

2nd Duke

This is almost a guarantee that Coach Blue Devils will play the best basketball when we approach the conference tournaments. This is the case again this year. They suffered a fire, including Virginia, to lose the season just this moment. When Duke wins Virginia again to win the ACC Championship, the voters have no choice but to put the Duke before Cavaliers.

3rd Gonzaga

There were some questions as to why Gonzaga required a single number of seeds because of their quantified schedule. This was a valid argument, but he also dealt with the opponent. Depending on how the conference championships are shaken, the Gonzaga may shrink, but we think it will be enough to be overthrown if they do not overlook if they continue to win.

4th Virginia

By default, Cavaliers gets the last number of first seeds. We expect the Big Ten and Big 12 races to bother to force the committee to place two ACC troops as the number one seed. Not that Virginia does not describe a seed, but it does not play the best.

Our expert NCAA March Madness prediction does not go too far across borders, but they are obviously the top four teams in our opinion. Currently, Wisconsin and Villanova are the two most outstanding teams out of four, in our opinion. Wisconsin is predicted to lose at least another game to offend their chances while Villanova misses the NCAA early qualifiers. Seek both to close seed No. 2 and be dangerous to the race. The safe money for making Final Four forecasts at Kentucky is against the field, but this year do not reckon Duke.

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