Manchester United Football Club

English football can not be talked about without mentioning Manchester United. It is the most adorned and successful professional football club in Manchester, North West England. The club was formed in 1878 by Newton Heath LYR Football Club and in 1902 accepted its current name. The club called Red Devils moved to the current Old Trafford home in 1910.

The club was the first real taste of glory when it won the Division One title in 1908 and won the FA Cup the following year before winning the Division One title in 1911. But the success story for which the club is most famous did not begin in 1945 when Matt Busby was appointed as a leader. The success was not immediate, but in 1957 the club won a championship victory three times. A & # 39; Busby Babes & # 39; because they were named after the younger side of the page, they quickly developed into English professional football. In 1957 the Red Devils became the first English club to compete in the European Cup of the UEFA Champions League so far.

In 1958, however, a catastrophe occurred when eight players died in an aircraft crash when the team returned home from a European clubbing. The fourth final victory over Red Star Belgrade, the team and journalists crashed after the match in Germany. Busby, who survived the collapse, had to rebuild the team and in 1963 won the FA Cup a lot of chances. These were followed in 1965 and 1967 with vigorous victories. Glory on the European front came in 1968 when the Red Devils won the European Cup. The victory is nothing more than the Portuguese giants Benfica.

When Matt Busby resigned in 1969, the club had a very difficult time. The enthusiasm of successful managers could not save mancons from 1974 because they returned to the top flight next season. Their name saw them beat Liverpool to win the FA Cup with Tommy Docherty, but Sir Matt Busby's success was unseen. The success in the championship continued to blur, though they had won the FA twice in the mid-1980s at Ron Atkinson.

The current United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, was appointed in 1986 and Sir Busby's success is similar. After a slow start in 1990, he won the FA Cup and was followed by the European Championships between the Cup Winners and the European Super Cup. But its real success began in 1993 when United won the already renamed Premier League and won 11 times in 2010 in the UEFA Champions League in 1999 and 2008.

United played George Best, Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs.

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