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Manchester United Football Club is an English football club based in Trafford, Greater Manchester and probably the world's largest accredited football club with more than fifty million sponsors around the world. The Manchester United Football Club is a world-famous English football club with a capacity of over 76,000 and the highest average player in the league. The Manchester United Football Club is perhaps the only thing the city is the most famous in Manchester. The legacy of the Manchester United football club is wonderful, and most supporters have real empathy for the club. In Manchester there is a tradition of sport excellence. The Manchester United Football Club has less than 2 campuses, first class cricket at Old Trafford and Salford is one of the country's best Rugby Championships, renamed Salford Reds.


Since the end of the 1990s, the club has been one of the richest in the world, and until recently all the best clubs in every football club ran for more than a year. An English football rescued a sensational sport nearly an overnight aggressive commercial appeal. The intense power of television and the achievement of football is one of the world's most prestigious sports. The club is one of the most successful club in England, having eleven times won FA Premier League / Football League, FA Cup 11 times and European Cup / UEFA Champions League twice.


However, the first English troops also participated in the European Cup at the FA's request, who had the same chance for Chelsea last season and only for the semi-finals to knock Real Madrid. The tragedy came next season when the plane was returned from the European winner's game at German gas stations. The plane slipped from an end of the runway through a fence to an empty home. Despite the crash, they once again went to FA Cup finals where they lost the Bolton Wanderers. Manchester United regularly won proud and thriving history and home front with the old First Division championship and the Premier League, the old second class and the FA Cup and the championship. By the time Matt Busby left 69 United, he won five first-class FA Cup finals and, of course, was the first English team to score 68 after the European Cup.

When Manchester United went to Thailand in 1997, 1000 United fans went to the National Stadium in Bangkok to see real heroes; but the closest majority of clubs in Asia fans saw their team is on national television, where the entire English Premiership is being popularized almost every day.

Up to 67,500 fans often pack Old Trafford to see Manchester United football. As mentioned earlier, the largest group of fans is in Asia. This enabled Manchester United to develop an interactive, online football company based on an analysis of fans, match days, recovery and subsequent matches. Maintaining their position would not have been possible without the fans around the world turning to US consumers. Of course, in Manchester, the Manchester United football club is one of the most important things that almost everyone can imagine, so visiting Old Trafford Stadium is a frequent pilgrimage to fans.

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