Manchester United Football Club facts


Manchester United Football Club is an English football club in Old Trafford in Manchester. Currently they play in the Premier League in the top football division. The club was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath. In 1892 they joined the football league and since 1938 they played in the top division of English football. The club's average attendance was larger than any other English football team. The club is one of the most successful in the history of English football and has won more than 20 great awards for Sir Alex Ferguson. Since 1990, United has been one of the richest clubs in the world where every football club has achieved the highest prize.

Club Crest:

The United club layer has been changed a few times, but the main form is still similar. The badge was designed at the tip of Manchester. The red devil of the club's nickname is part of the design's nickname for the Red Devils, which was taken in the early 1960's.


Unique Beautiful Stadium, The Dreams Theater & In 1909 he bought around £ 60,000 and the total construction cost was £ 90,000. The stadium has a total of 76212 fans.


Sponsors currently at Manchester United, AIG, who are the main sponsors of Man United and sponsorship as their logo on club shirts and other commodities. The AIG agreement was announced by Manchester United in 2006 and reached 55.5 million pounds British record.

Owner and Chairman:

The amazing football club is owned by Malcolm Glazer, who is there to make sure the club runs smoothly and does not go bankrupt. Malcolm Glazer, co-chaired by Joel and Avram Glazer. Together they have a successful business to maintain the highest financial standing of Manchester United so that the team can win the most important matches and please fans.

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