Manchester United FC is a dream club for all football players

Manchester United FC (Football Club) is one of the largest football clubs in the world. An English Premier League football club, MU's home is in Manchester's Old Trafford. Manchester United FC was founded in 1878 in Newton Heath, and in 1892 the club joined the Football League. Manchester United has been playing since 1938 in the highest division of English football. The only year he did not play was in the 1974-75 season.

Today Manchester United FC is the dominant champion of the English Premier League. won the 2008-09 Premier League Championship trophy. It is considered to be one of the most successful football clubs in English football history. Since 1986, the team has won 22 high marks under Sir Alex Ferguson. In 1968, Manchester United became the first English club to win Benfica 4-1 after the European Cup. In 1999, the European Cup was won for the second time, and in 2008 won another win. In 2009 he achieved the second place. Manchester United FC has jointly recorded the maximum number of English titles and the FA Cup victory over the previous 18 and the last 11.

This football team has been one of the richest clubs in the world since the 1990s. He is currently the world's tallest and richest club in any of the world's sports and totaled £ 1.136 billion ($ 1.870 billion / $ 3119 billion). Current manager of Manchester United FC, Sir Alex Ferguson and captain Gary Neville. The Manchester United club is named Newton Heath L & YR F.C. In 1878, then in 1902, he went bankrupt. The bankruptcy was rescued by J. H. Davies, Managing Director of Manchester Breweries. The club was officially named Manchester United on April 26, 1902. Davies then changed the club's colors from white to dark blue to red, white and black, which is symbolic of modern football. [190] Since 1904, the Red Devils won and lost in various seasons until Matt Busby was appointed as leader in 1945. Busby received innovative ideas and paid a wealth of dividends in the form of club performance. Manchester United won the FA Cup in 1947, 1948 and 1949 in the English Championship, and won the FA Cup in 1948. Red Devils won the championship title again in 1956, with an average age of 22 players. up to 103 goals in the championship. Known as Busby Babes and headed by Duncan Edwards in 1956-57, he won the championship title again. The team was also the first team to compete in the European Cup. Manchester United is the decisive Belgian champions Anderlecht for 10-0 and has so far been the biggest heir to the tournament.

The team was the Munich Airborne Catastrophe of February 6, 1958, but what was not canceled was the soul of the Red Devils. Even today the Old Trafford clock shows the crash time, but since then the team was born out of nothing and won the FA Cup in 1963 and in 1968 the UEFA Champions League.

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