London Football Clubs: Overview

Perhaps the most universally recognized London club is currently Chelsea. Thanks to the billion-dollar Roman Abramovich bankroll, the club has faced a big name over the past eight years. Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres and others have come to London-born stars like John Terry and Chelsea have dominated. At the same time, the Londoners had an up-and-down time for Arsenal, and in 2004 they became the only team ever to have been in full version in a full English league season. Since then, however, men from Arsene Wenger have found trophies that were difficult to reach even though they were playing Barcelona's most beautiful football outside.

If Chelsea and Arsenal are the big two, Tottenham Hotspur is his closest fan. Under Harry Redknapp's management under perennial under-performance to the Champions League, the champion's competitors are players recruiting players and potential. Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and others have transformed them into teams that are capable of defeating and defeating the biggest European football name and there is no sign of stopping there.

These trophy London London clubs, but two other London clubs are playing in the Premiership and have been mixed in recent years. Fulham FC – Hugh Grant's favorite team – has made the Europa League final until the end of last year just to lose Atletico Madrid and have been in Premiership for a decade. West Ham – the choice of the Eastern Finish team – is a team that embodies the word "temperament". It is capable of graceful, exciting football – but at the same time before self-destruction – the only thing that West Ham guaranteed is that following them will never be boring.

Among these clubs there is a "London" rivalry, but rather localized rivalry among those who draw their fan base from adjacent areas. Tottenham fans regard Arsenal as their main competitors (and vice versa), while some Chelsea fans say the biggest derbies are against West Ham, while others say Fulham is his closest rival. There is also a rival at Millwall in West Ham, no less spicy the fact that Millwall currently plays in the second-tier league.

In the championship, Queen Park Rangers also seems to retire to the top flight in a few years, while Crystal Palace (until 2005, the Premiership team) is in the flop being liquidated and only see financial stability in the coming seasons – but their matches are no less atmospheric to this fact.

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